ZJIA 2 Packs Small Artificial Greenery Plants – Realistic Faux Succulents for Home, Farmhouse, Bathroom, Kitchen Decor



Add a touch of everlasting greenery to your home with the ZJIA set of 2 artificial potted succulents. Each plant measures 7 inches tall and 4.7 inches wide for a petite yet statement-making accent.

Showcase these lively faux plants together on a shelf, mantel, or tabletop to create a coordinated botanical display. Or use them individually to add pops of vibrant greenery throughout your home.

Realistic Details & Vibrant Colors

These artificial succulents mirror the beauty of real, living plants! Each plastic plant features convincingly realistic details that look nearly natural.

The rounded, pointed leaves have a lush, textured appearance. Their alternating green and yellow-green hues provide visual depth and dimension. Tiny brown flecks on the tips of the leaves add subtle contrast, just like the stress colors you’d see on a real succulent.

Resting in included round plastic pots, these faux plants could fool even the keenest eye. Their vivid colors and lifelike textures bring energy and vitality to any space.

Decorate Every Room with Greenery

These versatile artificial plants allow you to add greenery to any room:

Bathrooms – Set one on the corner of the vanity or sink for a pop of color.

Kitchens – Flank the window over your kitchen sink with these petite plants.

Bedrooms – Place one on your nightstand or dresser for a soothing natural look.

Home office – Put these faux succulents on your desk or bookshelf to boost focus.

Living room – Display them on the coffee table, console, or floating shelves.

Let these artificial plants bring life and brightness to dreary corners in any room! Their compact size makes them easy to tuck into tight spaces.

Perfect for Farmhouse & Modern Decor

With their clean, rounded shapes and neutral green tones, these faux succulents complement both farmhouse and modern decors.

In a farmhouse or cottage, set these artificial plants on whitewashed windowsills, rustic wood surfaces, or distressed side tables.

For modern styles, pair them with sleek furniture, geometric accessories, and contemporary wall art. Their bright hues pop against dark backgrounds.

These lifelike artificial plants add natural elegance wherever you place them!

No Maintenance Required

Say goodbye to finicky real houseplants! These artificial greenery plants offer beauty without maintenance.

Made from durable plastic, they don’t require any water or sunlight to thrive. No more worrying about underwatering or overwatering!

Their branches and rounded leaves retain their shape perfectly over time. You’ll never come home to dropped leaves or wilting plants again.

The included plastic pots have drainage holes, adding an extra layer of realism. But you’ll never actually need to empty excess water from them!

Install in Seconds, Enjoy for Years

Setting up these artificial succulents takes just seconds! Each plant comes pre-arranged in its plastic pot, ready for display.

Simply remove from the box and place them in your desired spots. Adjust the leaves and branches for your preferred shape.

These faux plants are designed to last for many years as indoor decor. Their high-quality plastic materials retain vibrant colors without fading.

If the plants get dusty, just wipe the leaves down with a dry cloth. They clean up easily while still looking natural.

With these low-maintenance ZJIA artificial succulents, you can fill your home with greenery without any hassle!

Create an Indoor Oasis

Bring the outdoors inside with this set of two convincingly real artificial potted succulents. Their lush green hues and detailed textures create a welcoming oasis.

These petite faux plants add life and brightness to any space without the work of real plants.

Get the look of a greenhouse or conservatory in your own home with these vivid, natural-looking succulents!


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