Wonnitar Modern Gradient Washable Area Rug – Soft, Non-Slip 5×7 ft Living Room or Bedroom Carpet



Bring a touch of modern style and luxury to your home with the Wonnitar Ombre Area Rug. This stunning gradient rug features a captivating ombre design that effortlessly enhances any living space.

Crafted from soft yet durable synthetic fibers, this virtually non-shedding rug has a plush 0.35” pile height that feels incredibly soft and natural underfoot. The subtle color gradation and minimalist aesthetic lend a contemporary flair perfect for modern homes. Place this area rug in your living room, bedroom, entryway or home office to add a pop of color and create a cozy, elegant feel.


Gorgeous Ombre Design

The beautiful ombre color palette creates a mesmerizing faded effect. Shades of purple and blue blend seamlessly for a stylish modern look.

Ultra-Soft Synthetic Fibers

Made from soft yet durable faux wool fibers that feel silky smooth underfoot. Provides comfort without shedding or pilling.

Non-Slip Rubber Backing

Safety-grip dots prevent sliding on hard floors. Keeps rug securely in place.

Low 0.35” Pile Height

Allows convenient placement under furniture without obstruction.

Stain and Fade Resistant

Synthetic fibers are resistant to stains, spills and everyday wear-and-tear. Vibrant colors stay true.

Pet and Kid Friendly

Soft, durable and easy to clean. Ideal for homes with pets and children.

Machine Washable

Simply toss in washing machine to keep rug looking new. Easy care.

5×7 ft Size

Perfect size for living rooms, bedrooms, entryways and more. Adds a polished look.

Luxuriously Plush Pile for Comfort Underfoot

Sink your toes into the soft, decadent pile of this Wonnitar area rug. Expertly crafted from quality synthetic fibers, the 0.35” pile height provides cushioned comfort without being overly thick or fluffy. The velvety faux wool texture is invitingly soft, providing the perfect amount of coziness and support whether you’re lounging in the living room or stepping out of bed.

Unlike natural wool rugs, the synthetic fibers are designed to be durable and resistant to shedding. You don’t have to worry about pills or loose threads ruining the flawless appearance. The fibers retain their plush feel even after years of regular use. Give your floors a luxurious feel and transform any room with this silky soft area rug.

Vibrant Ombre Color Gradient

The beautiful ombre color gradient gives this area rug a captivating, modern flair. It features a stunning blend of purple and blue hues fading seamlessly from lighter to darker shades. The stylish color transition creates depth and dimension for added visual interest.

The color palette is versatile enough to coordinate with a variety of home decor styles. The muted tones work well in living rooms, bedrooms and entryways for a subtle pop of color. The ombre design serves as a sophisticated background that lets your existing furniture and accents really stand out.

Enhance any space with this visually striking area rug featuring an on-trend ombre aesthetic. The colorful gradient effect grabs attention while maintaining a minimalist, contemporary vibe.

Non-Slip Design Stays Securely in Place

One of the most important features in any area rug is the backing. You want an area rug that grips to the floor surface and stays securely in place. This Wonnitar rug has a durable rubber backing dotted with safety grip treads to prevent sliding, wrinkling or shifting.

The non-slip backing keeps the rug safely in place on hard flooring surfaces. No more tripping hazards or need to constantly readjust. The dots also elevate the rug slightly to allow air circulation and prevent moisture buildup.

You can conveniently place this area rug in high-traffic areas or underneath furniture legs without it bunching up or sliding around. The reliable non-slip design ensures the rug always lies flat and stays put right where you want it.

Low Pile Height Suitable for All Rooms

This area rug features a 0.35” pile height that offers functionality combined with softness. The low-profile pile is thick enough to provide cushy padding but won’t obstruct doorways or overwhelm the look of your space.

Many shag or high-pile rugs end up looking out of place or become tripping hazards in doorways and high-traffic areas. With a pile less than half an inch thick, this area rug can be conveniently placed in any room without impeding foot traffic.

Use it to create a defined lounge space in your living area, provide a soft landing zone outside your bedroom door or add a stylish accent to your dining area. The versatility of the low-pile design means it looks great and functions well in nearly any room.

Kid and Pet Friendly Durability

Pets and kids can be hard on home furnishings, but this rug is designed to withstand their antics. The synthetic fibers are inherently durable and resistant to shedding, mold, mildew and everyday wear-and-tear.

Accidental spills, pet accidents and high-traffic areas are no match for this pet and kid-friendly rug. The fibers are resistant to stains for quick and easy cleanup. Regular vacuuming keeps the vibrant colors looking fresh.

No need to stress over muddy paws or juice spills ruining your rug. Simply wash in your machine as needed to restore its fluffy appearance and remove any embedded dirt or odors. With proper care, this rug will handle all the messes of family life while retaining its luxurious look and feel.

Easy Maintenance with Machine-Washable Convenience

One of the best features of this area rug is that it’s completely machine washable for easy care and maintenance. When it’s time for a deep clean, simply throw in the washing machine on a cold, gentle cycle.

Skip the expensive professional rug cleaning service and conveniently clean it at home to save time and money. Tumble dry on low heat or hang to air dry to restore the plush, fluffy texture as good as new.

Having the ability to toss your rug in the washing machine makes maintenance a breeze. Stains, spills and high-traffic dirt are no match for a spin cycle. Remove embedded allergens, odors and dust to refresh the rug anytime.

The durable synthetic fibers hold up well to repeated wash cycles so you can keep your Wonnitar rug looking pristine season after season. No more stained or dingy rugs ruining your home’s style.

Transform Your Space with This Stylish & Functional Accent Rug

Refresh your home decor with the contemporary style and cozy comfort of this Wonnitar ombre area rug. The soft 0.35” pile, vibrant fade-resistant colors and minimalist gradient print lend a modern flair perfect for any room.

Place it in your living room to define a stylish conversation area or underneath a coffee table to tie the space together. Use it beside your bed as a plush surface for your feet to land on in the mornings. Or add it to your entryway to soak up messes while welcoming guests.

With a versatile 5×7 ft size, brilliant colors and easy-care machine washable design, this area rug is ideal for homes with kids, pets and high-traffic. Maintain its flawless appearance through years of use with regular vacuuming and washing as needed.

Give your floors a sophisticated, polished look with this luxuriously soft and durable Wonnitar area rug featuring a stunning ombre design.


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