Vtopmart 4-Pack Slim Plastic Trash Cans – Convenient 1.5 Gallon Wastebaskets for Tight Spaces



Keep your home tidy and organized with this 4-pack of slim plastic trash cans from Vtopmart. Perfect for small spaces, these 1.5 gallon bins provide discreet waste management without taking up valuable floor space.

Compact Profile – Only 5.1″ Wide

Each trash can measures just 10.4” long x 5.1” wide x 9.8” high. This slim rectangular shape allows you to tuck them beside and underneath furniture, in tight corners, and anywhere you need subtle waste disposal. Free up floor area while keeping trash neatly contained.

Built-In Handle for Easy Carrying

Vtopmart designed these slim cans with a built-in handle on one long side. This allows you to grip and carry the can securely in one hand. Transport it easily between rooms to empty. The handle also enables you to pick up and reposition the wastebasket around your space without getting your hands dirty.

Smooth Surface – Simple to Keep Clean

The durable plastic body has a smooth, sleek finish inside and out. Dust and dirt wipe away quickly with just water and a cloth. The interior also rinses clean easily if spills or leaks occur. Keep your wastebaskets fresh and odor-free with minimal effort.

Use All Around Your Home

These discreet bins are useful in so many household spots. Here are just some clever ways to utilize them:

  • Beside the toilet in a small bathroom
  • Under the bathroom sink or vanity
  • Next to office and craft tables or desks
  • Between sofa and end table in the living room
  • Between the bed and nightstand in the bedroom
  • In the kitchen near the stovetop or sink
  • Inside cabinets to hold cleaning products
  • In an RV bathroom or camper van

Let the 1.5 gallon capacity handle daily waste disposal while the slim shape fits where you need it.

Sturdy Construction from Premium Plastic

Vtopmart constructs these wastebaskets from top grade plastic that is shatter-resistant and built to last. Though lightweight for easy moving, they maintain excellent durability with daily use. The rectangular shape also resists tipping over.

Depend on these bins for long-lasting performance managing trash and clutter throughout your home. Their subtle profile blends discreetly into any décor style too.

Simplify Your Bathroom Waste Management

One of the most useful applications for these slim trash cans is in the bathroom. Tuck one beside the toilet to stash tissue waste, cotton balls, Q-tips, and other bathroom trash. Dispose of hair and beauty product litter after grooming.

Having a dedicated bin helps keep countertops clear and maintain tidiness even in a small bathroom. The 1.5 gallon capacity means you won’t have to empty it constantly either. Just grab the built-in handle and carry it to your main kitchen or outdoor cans when needed.

Or slide a wastebasket under the bathroom vanity or sink cabinet. Toss empty toothpaste boxes, soap packaging, and other clutter straight into the discreet bin. This clears off the countertop while keeping necessary supplies within reach.

Maintain Order in Your Kitchen

In the kitchen, these slim trash cans are perfect for collecting food prep scraps, wrappers, and packaging. Place one near the stove so cooks can quickly discard peels, shells, and trim. Keep another by the sink to handle used scrub pads, dirty paper towels, and other small rubbish.

Having compact waste management built right into your workspace makes cooking and cleaning up more seamless. Avoid drawing pests by containing food debris promptly. The plastic construction also withstands leaks and spills.

Create a Clutter-Free Bedroom

Bedrooms often lack sufficient trash facilities. Overflowing wastebaskets look messy and disrupt relaxation. Vtopmart’s slim bins are ideal nightstand or dresser companions in any bedroom.

Toss crumpled notes, tissues, wrappers, and other nighttime junk straight into the discreet trash can. Keep it nearly invisible beside the bed for middle-of-the-night needs. In the morning, any clutter from your wake-up routine gets tidied away too.

Having quick access to waste disposal makes it easier to maintain a peaceful, ordered bedroom. Just grab and empty your slim bin as needed for fresh starts each day.

Organize Your Home Office or Craft Area

Bring efficient organization to your home office, craft table, or other workspace with these rectangular wastebaskets. Keep one right by your desk to immediately throw away scrapped paper, envelopes, sticky notes, and other rubbish.

Having a trash can close at hand means you clear clutter in the moment instead of letting it pile up. Your computer desk or worktable stays free of mess so you focus better. The slim shape even fits between furniture pieces or next to your legs.

Discreet Waste Management for Any Room

Maximize convenience in living rooms, playrooms, nurseries, and other areas with these subtle trash cans too. Place them strategically within reach to encourage tidiness from family and guests. Kids can clear up toys, pillows, and craft supplies without leaving a mess.

The rectangular plastic construction blends with any décor. Empty and wipe clean the bins as needed to keep rooms fresh. Enjoy clutter and odor-free spaces thanks to quick waste disposal.

Why Choose Vtopmart Slim Trash Cans?

  • Space-saving rectangular shape fits tight areas
  • Built-in handle for easy carrying and moving
  • Smooth surface wipes clean quickly
  • Durable plastic is shatter-resistant
  • 1.5 gallon capacity for daily trash needs
  • Versatile for use all around the home
  • Set of 4 provides wastebaskets for multiple rooms

Keep your home free of clutter and mess with this 4-pack of slim plastic trash cans by Vtopmart. The smart rectangular shape and built-in handle offer superior convenience. Place them anywhere you need subtle waste management without sacrificing floor space.


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