VREAONE Learning Clock for Kids – Engaging and Educational Wall Clock to Teach Time Telling



Learning how to tell time is an important milestone for children, but it can be a challenging concept to grasp. That’s why the VREAONE Learning Clock for Kids is such a fantastic learning tool for classrooms, playrooms and children’s bedrooms. This colorful and engaging wall clock makes learning to tell time fun and easy for kids ages 4+.

Bright, Colorful and Easy to Read

This clock features a clean white clock face with large, vividly colored numbers and hands that clearly indicate the hour and minute. The oversized 10-inch diameter makes it easy for kids to read the time from across the room. The simple, uncluttered design helps children focus on the numbers and hands without distraction.

Learn Time Telling with a Hands-On Approach

Research shows that using hands-on learning tools boosts retention and comprehension. With this wall clock, kids can move the hands to set times themselves, reinforcing their understanding of hour and minute placement. The non-ticking silent sweep movement allows kids to practice setting and reading times without disruptive ticking noises.

Perfect for Classrooms, Playrooms and Bedrooms

The durable wood-grain frame and shatter-resistant convex glass cover make this clock safe and durable for high-traffic areas like classrooms. Teachers can incorporate the clock into lessons on telling time and scheduling. The quiet movement also makes it ideal for bedrooms, allowing kids to drift off to sleep without distracting ticking noises.

Features a Modern, Minimalist Style

The sleek white clock face with black geometric numeral cutouts creates a contemporary, minimalist look. The neutral colors coordinate beautifully with any classroom or bedroom d├ęcor. The modern style looks much more appealing than traditional childish cartoon clocks.

High Quality Materials Built to Last

Constructed from premium mat


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