Upgrade Your Cookware with a Universal Pot Lid Knob



Is your pot lid knob broken or missing? Get your cookware back in working order with this easy-to-install Universal Pot Lid Replacement Knob. Designed to be compatible with most cookware lids, this sturdy bakelite knob makes it simple to get a perfect fit for your pot or pan.

Durable, Heat-Resistant Material

Crafted from thick bakelite plastic, the Universal Pot Lid Knob can withstand high temperatures in the kitchen. Bakelite offers superior durability compared to lower quality plastic knobs. No need to worry about cracking or warping from heat exposure when cooking. The smooth bakelite surface also resists stains and cleans up easily.

Customized Fit for Your Cookware

With a base diameter of 2.5 inches and upper diameter of 1.3 inches, this replacement knob is sized to fit most standard cookware lids. It comes with a screw mount and rubber gasket to attach securely to your lid. The mounting hole is adjustable from 0.2 – 0.27 inches in diameter, making it easy to get a customized fit. No more struggling with a broken or uncomfortable knob while cooking!

Installs in Minutes

Upgrading your cookware with this universal knob couldn’t be simpler. Just remove the old, damaged knob from your cookware lid using a screwdriver. Attach the new knob and rubber gasket piece. Then insert the screw and tighten by hand to affix it in place. No special tools or complicated process needed!

Compatible with Various Cookware

This replacement knob was designed for versatility. It can be installed onto pot lids, kettle lids, frying pan lids, saucepan lids, casserole lids, and more. As long as your lid has a mounting hole between 0.2 – 0.27 inches wide, this universal knob will securely attach. One knob can fix multiple lids, saving you money.

Comfortable Shape for Handling

Shaped for optimal grip, this knob allows you to easily remove lids while cooking. The wider base provides stability when lifting, while the tapered top makes it easy to get a secure hold. No need for pot holders. Just grip the insulated knob directly to safely access your cookware.

Upgrade Your Kitchen Affordably

Don’t pay premium prices for replacement cookware parts! This affordable universal knob lets you refresh your pots and pans for just a fraction of the cost of new cookware. Conveniently restore function and usability to your existing lids.


What materials is the knob made from?

It is constructed from durable bakelite plastic for heat resistance and longevity.

Does it come with the mounting screw?

Yes, the knob comes with a threaded screw and rubber gasket for installation.

What color is the knob?

It comes in classic black to match most cookware aesthetics.

How do I wash it?

This knob can be washed by hand or placed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Does it work with glass lids?

Absolutely! It installs onto glass, metal or other material lids.

Refresh your cookware with an easy knob upgrade!


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