Transform Your Bedroom into a Soothing Sanctuary with This Smart Multicolor LED Lamp



Bask in the gentle glow of relaxation with the Peteme Smart LED Lamp. This innovative lamp isn’t just a light – it’s an experience. With its built-in RGB LED bulb, you can customize the ambiance to suit your mood. The free accompanying app puts all the controls at your fingertips.

This lamp has so many amazing features! Change its brightness from a soft glow to full illumination. Adjust the color temperature from warm white to daylight tones. Or play with fun preset modes like candle flicker, rainbow, breathing, and more. You can even sync the lights to your music for an immersive experience.

Controlling the lamp is a breeze with the app, compatible with both iOS and Android. Create timers and schedules to automate the lighting. Adjust settings from anywhere – perfect for welcoming you home after a long day. Or use simple voice commands with Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri for hands-free convenience.

The minimalist base has an elegantly curved neck and weighted bottom in a neutral white finish. The cylindrical drum shade creates a soft, diffused light that’s pleasing to the eyes. This lamp blends perfectly into both traditional and contemporary decor. A discreet groove in the neck hides the power cord.

What truly sets this lamp apart are the extra features that make it indispensable. The two convenient USB ports let you charge your phone or other devices, even when the light is off. This lamp also connects via 2.4GHz WiFi for quick, reliable response.

Whether you’re reading a book before bed or getting ready in the morning, this lamp creates the perfect lighting. Here are just a few examples of lighting “scenes” you can create:

Reading Scene
Set the lamp to a lower brightness and adjust to a warm 3000K light temperature that’s easy on your eyes. Activate candle flicker mode for extra coziness.

Meditation Scene
Choose a tranquil blue or green hue. Lower the brightness and turn on breathing mode to promote relaxation. The soft ambient glow sets the mood.

Makeup Scene
Bright white light at 5000-6500K illuminates your face so you can apply makeup with precision. Set to 100% brightness for a daytime effect.

Party Scene
Crank up the fun with rainbow color cycling mode! Or sync the colors to dance along with the music’s beat. This lamp really sets the mood for fun.

The lamp has memory function to recall your favorite settings. An automatic shut off kicks in after 30 minutes of inactivity. This not only saves energy but also prevents the bulb from overheating.

With its elegant design, smart features, and ambiance options, this lamp really enhances any space. Choose the perfect lighting for productivity, relaxation, or fun – it’s up to you! This is so much more than an ordinary lamp.

Elevate your lighting game and create an oasis of tranquility and comfort with the Peteme Smart Multicolor Lamp today!

Product Features:

👂 VOICE CONTROL : This smart lamp works with Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and other voice assistants. Control lighting hands-free for convenience. Easy to connect and set up.

📲 APP CONTROL : Use the app on your iOS or Android phone to control the lamp from anywhere. Create groups to control multiple lamps. Share access with family members.

💡 DIMMABLE & MULTICOLOR : Adjustable brightness from 1-100%. Choose from warm to daylight white (2700K-6500K). Pick from a spectrum of fun colors to match your mood.

🕒 MUSIC SYNC & TIMER : Lights dance and change color along with your music. Set schedules to automate when the lamp turns on/off.

🔌 DUAL USB PORTS : Built-in USB ports charge your phone, Kindle, and other devices whether the light is on or off.

Bring home the magic of customizable, multicolor ambiance with the Peteme Smart LED Lamp today!


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