Tramontina Pro Fusion 8-Inch Nonstick Aluminum Fry Pan – Effortless Release and Fast Cleanup



The Tramontina Pro Fusion 8-inch fry pan is the perfect addition to any home chef’s cookware collection. This professional-grade pan features a reinforced fusion cooking surface that provides effortless food release and fast, easy cleanup. The rivetless interior and exterior design also makes cleaning a breeze by eliminating hard-to-reach crevices where food can get stuck.

Superior Nonstick Performance

At the heart of this Tramontina fry pan is the reinforced fusion nonstick cooking surface. This innovative technology provides superior food release and easy cleanup. The nonstick coating is fused directly to the aluminum pan body, so it’s incredibly durable and scratch-resistant. No more struggling with sticky messes or scrubbing food bits! Eggs, pancakes, fish, and other delicate foods glide smoothly out of the pan. And after cooking, a quick rinse or wipe with a sponge is all it takes to clean up.

Quick, Even Heating

The heavy-gauge aluminum body on this 8-inch fry pan conducts heat quickly and evenly across the base and up the sides. This allows you to perfectly sear meats, fry eggs, and sauté veggies with consistent browning. The rivetless interior also improves contact between your pan and stovetop burner to boost efficiency.

Oven and Dishwasher Safe

Don’t let the nonstick coating limit your cooking options. This Tramontina fry pan is oven safe up to 400°F. Finish cooking meats, bake frittatas, or even brown and crisp the tops of casseroles right in the pan. And when cleanup time comes, you can safely pop the pan in the dishwasher. The durable nonstick stands up to high heat and abrasive detergents.

Ergonomic Helper Handle

In addition to the long, stay-cool stainless steel handle, this fry pan also features a helper handle on the front. The full-length handle provides a secure, comfortable grip, while the helper handle gives you better control when sautéing foods or pouring out liquid.

Quality Construction

Tramontina is known for its high-quality cookware engineered in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. This ProFusion fry pan continues that tradition with its reinforced nonstick cooking surface,commercial-grade 3004 aluminum body, rivetless interior, and ergonomic stainless steel handles. It offers professional performance right in your own kitchen.

Ideal Size for Everyday Cooking

With its 8-inch diameter, this Tramontina pan is the perfect size for cooking everyday meals. The sloped sides and wide, flat base can accommodate cooking an egg, sautéing vegetables, searing a chicken breast, and more. It’s a workhorse pan that’s sized just right for stovetop cooking for two people. From weeknight dinners to weekend brunches, this fry pan will quickly become your go-to.

Key Features:

  • Reinforced fusion nonstick cooking surface provides superior food release and effortless cleanup
  • Heavy-gauge aluminum body heats quickly and evenly
  • Rivetless interior and exterior for easy cleaning
  • Oven safe to 400°F
  • Dishwasher safe for convenience
  • Ergonomic stainless steel handle with helper handle
  • 8-inch diameter ideal for everyday two-person cooking
  • Made in Brazil by Tramontina’s craftsmen

Pick up the Tramontina ProFusion 8-Inch Fry Pan to take your cooking to the next level. This professional-quality pan will deliver effortless release, quick clean up, and consistentResults – all with Tramontina’s signature quality and precision.


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