TIKI Brand Island King Large Outdoor Torch



Transform your backyard into a tropical paradise after the sun goes down with the TIKI Brand Island King Outdoor Torch. This extra-large torch stand adds a dramatic flair with its vibrant, robust flame that dances in the night breeze.

Bold Tropical Inspired Design

This outdoor torch features a sleek contemporary metal frame in a weather-resistant gunmetal finish. The unique bowl shape keeps the oversized flame burning bright and high, even on windy nights. At 65 inches tall, this imposing torch makes a bold statement wherever you place it.

Extra-Large Flame

The Island King lives up to its name, producing the largest flame from any TIKI torch. The specially designed torch bowl maximizes airflow to create an impressively big fire that you can see and feel from across your patio or yard. This tropical torch really pumps up the party once the sun sets!

Minimal Smoke & Odor

Many oversized torches produce excessive smoke and odor, but not this TIKI Brand outdoor torch. It burns clean to reduce smoke and smell, letting you enjoy the ambiance of the flames without the nuisance. Place it anywhere in your outdoor living space without worry.

Mess-Free Refueling

Refueling the extra-tall Island King Torch is easy and mess-free thanks to the Twist & Pour nozzle design. Simply twist off the metal cap, pour TIKI Brand fuel directly into the torch bowl, then reseal. The attached magnetic snuffer makes extinguishing the flames safe and simple between uses.

Durable Weather-Resistant Construction

Made to last outside, this backyard torch has a powder-coated metal bowl and frame that stands up to weather, rust, rain, and UV rays. The durable construction ensures the Island King provides tiki ambiance in your yard or patio for many seasons.

Decorative Flair Day or Night

Even when unlit, this imposing torch lends dramatic style to your outdoor living space. The contemporary metal frame with carbon fiber finish adds artistic flair. Place several around your patio or line your pathway to set the tropical mood.

Creates a Tropical Backyard Oasis

With its huge, dancing flame, this outdoor tiki torch instantly transforms your yard into a tropical paradise. Use it to set the luau spirit for a backyard bash or everyday relaxing. The Island King torch brings the exotic flavors of the islands to your own backyard.

Over 60 Years of Quality & Innovation

TIKI Brand has been creating outdoor torches and lighting for over six decades. We continually innovate with new styles, fuels, and lighting products to help you create your backyard paradise. The Island King Torch carries on our tradition of stylish, durable torches.

Make a dramatic statement after sunset with the imposing Island King Outdoor Torch. Its extra-large flame creates tropical ambiance and unique style for your patio parties and evenings outdoors.


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