Store Shoes in Style with this Spacious 7-Tier Shoe Rack Organizer



Keep your entryway neat and tidy with the help of this large capacity shoe rack. With space to hold 28-35 pairs of shoes, this organizer has room for all your footwear. The minimalist black design blends into any decor, while the 7 tiered shelves neatly display your shoes – no more tripping over messy piles when walking in the door!

Spacious Storage for Shoes Big and Small

This tall shoe rack measures 33.3″ wide x 11.2″ deep x 48.7″ tall, providing ample space for shoes of all styles and sizes. Each shelf can hold 4-5 pairs, meaning this organizer offers a home for 28-35 pairs total. From flats and sandals to sneakers and heels, your shoes will have their own spot.

The sturdy shelves are constructed from premium plastic and powder coated metal pipes, holding up to heavy boots with ease. No need to cram shoes together or balance them precariously. Proper organization prevents scuffs and damage, prolonging the life of your footwear.

Minimalist Design Discreetly Stores Shoes

The clean, modern aesthetic of this shoe rack allows it to blend seamlessly into your home. The black pipes and shelves have an understated look that suits any decor. Discreetly tuck shoes away instead of leaving them in messy piles for all to see.

This organizer is the perfect solution if you lack closet space or need extra shoe storage in an apartment entryway or mudroom. The vertical design takes up minimal floor space while storing shoes up and out of sight. Regain order in chaotic high traffic areas.

Heavy Duty Construction Built to Last

From the quality plastic joints to the thicker 0.23mm metal pipes, this shoe rack is made to handle frequent use. The sturdy shelves hold heavy shoes without sagging over time. With reinforced joints and a reinforced X-shaped base, the rack remains level and wobble-free, even when fully loaded.

The non-woven fabric shelves are waterproof, so wet shoes won’t ruin the organizer. Easily wipe down the smooth surfaces to keep your shoe rack looking pristine. With quality materials and solid engineering, this will be your entryway’s trusty shoe storage solution for years to come.

Organize More Than Just Shoes

While designed for shoe storage, the possibilities don’t stop there. Use the shelves to neatly store clothing, hats, bags, toys, and more. The side fabric pouch is perfect for stashing small accessories like socks, scarves, and gloves. This versatile unit brings organization to any room – entryway, bedroom, dorm room, or closet.

Simple 5-Step Assembly

With just a few minutes of easy assembly, you can start organizing your shoe collection. All parts and hardware are included, along with an assembly guide for reference. Simply:

  1. Attach the base poles together using the plastic joints
  2. Connect the vertical poles to create the rack frame
  3. Attach the 7 shelf boards to the frame using the provided screws
  4. Screw in the side fabric pouch
  5. Place the shoe rack in your desired location and admire your organized footwear!

For ease of assembly, soak any stiff joints in warm water before putting the pieces together. The rack can be stacked with additional units for expanded storage. With quick tool-free assembly, you’ll be organizing shoes in no time!

Reclaim Your Space!

Say goodbye to messy piles of shoes taking over your home. This 7 tier shoe rack neatly corrals footwear, reclaiming prime real estate in your entryway, closet, or bedroom. The streamlined storage solution is perfect for apartments, dorms, or any home with limited space. Display your shoes in organized style and keep your floors clutter-free. Order the rack today and take control of your footwear!


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