Smaeti Desk Lamp – Dimmable LED Desk Light with USB Charging Port and Night Light for Eye-Friendly Home Office Illumination



Looking for a modern, adjustable desk lamp that reduces eye strain while providing optimal illumination for your workspace? Look no further than the Smaeti Desk Lamp. This LED desk light is packed with lighting customization options and eye-caring technology to enhance your productivity and comfort.

With its innovative double-jointed design, this desk lighting fixture allows for 180° horizontal rotation and 160° vertical adjustment to eliminate shadows and direct light where you need it most. The sleek metal lamp heads also fold down when not in use for convenient storage.

Features of the Smaeti Dimmable LED Desk Lamp

  • Flicker-free LED Lighting – Provides even, uniform illumination for reduced eye fatigue.
  • 5 Brightness Levels – Easily adjusts from super bright to night light dim.
  • 5 Light Color Modes – Customize from warm white, natural white, cool white, study, or night light settings.
  • Touch Controls – Sensitive panel allows simple light adjustments.
  • Memory Function – Recalls your preferred light mode and brightness.
  • 160° Vertical Rotation – Direct light to where you need it.
  • 180° Horizontal Swivel – Eliminate shadows and glare.
  • Foldable Design – Lamp heads store flat when not in use.
  • USB Charging Port – Conveniently charge your phone or tablet.
  • Auto-off Timer – Programmable shut-off after 1 or 2 hours.

With 3 different white light temperatures from warm to natural to cool, you can match the lighting to the task at hand or just your personal preference. Warm white light is perfect for the evenings when you want a cozier environment. Cool white better simulates natural daylight and is ideal if you’re looking for an energizing boost during the day.

There is also a dedicated study mode and night light setting. Study mode enhances focus when reading or working by providing light tuned to maximize contrast and details on paper or screens. The adjustable night light is great for a gentle glow in bedrooms, hallways, or anywhere you need to navigate after dark without disrupting your sleep.

The sensitive touch controls allow you to seamlessly switch between modes and brightness levels. No more fiddling with finicky switches or buttons! And with the convenient memory function, your light will turn on at your preferred settings every time.

Optimal Eye Comfort

Staring at bright light for extended time periods can lead to digital eye strain and fatigue. The Smaeti Desk Lamp utilizes flicker-free LEDs to produce gentle, uniform light that is easy on your eyes when working, reading, or studying. Avoid headaches and dry eyes even during marathon sessions at your desk.

The adjustable illumination range also allows you to set the perfect brightness that matches your visual needs without overpowering your sight. Both the warm white and study modes are specifically tuned for enhancing visual comfort.

Modern Design

With its sleek silver finish, minimalist base, and dual adjustable lamp heads, this LED desk light has a contemporary style fit for any home or office workspace. The folded design allows the lamp to sit neatly out of the way when it’s not brightening up your desk.

At just 15 inches high and 7 inches wide, this desk lighting takes up very little footprint. Easily position it anywhere on your desktop to provide directed task lighting. No need to strain your eyes under an overhead light that creates shadows and glare on your work surface.

Premium Performance

Engineered to provide years of optimal illumination, the Smaeti Desk Lamp contains top quality components. The integrated USB charger features advanced overload and short-circuit protection. It powers up devices quickly with 2 amp power delivery.

A dedicated adapter and 6 foot cord are included, so you can easily place your lamp anywhere on your desk and still reach a power outlet. Certified by US FCC standards, the power supply operates with low heat output and energy savings.

Reliable Customer Service

Your satisfaction with the Smaeti Desk Lamp is guaranteed. All products come backed by a 24-month quality assurance. Friendly customer service is available to answer any product questions or help with operation. Smaeti strives for 5-star experiences. Your desk light will be replaced or refunded with no hassle if any issues arise during use.

With its space-saving foldable design, fully adjustable lighting, and eye-caring illumination, the Smaeti Desk Lamp is the perfect modern accessory to customize and enhance any desktop. Experience comfortable, glare-free light for less eye strain during work, study, or relaxation.


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