Razzor Ergonomic Office Chair – Breathable Mesh Computer Chair with Adjustable Lumbar Support for Optimal Comfort and Posture



Do you find yourself slouching, slumping, or hunching over at your desk during long work days? Are you experiencing back or neck pain from poor posture? Then it’s time to upgrade your office chair to the Razzor Ergonomic Office Chair for improved comfort and support.

Engineered with your health in mind, this adjustable computer chair features a curved mesh back design that properly supports the natural S-shape of your spine. The built-in adjustable lumbar support allows you to customize the chair to fit your body by increasing or decreasing the amount of lower back support. Finding your perfect sitting position is easy with the height adjustable seat and the ability to recline up to 45 degrees.

Benefits of the Razzor Ergonomic Office Chair:

  • Promotes Proper Posture – Curved mesh back provides optimal lumbar support to keep your spine aligned.
  • Breathable Material – Mesh fabric allows air to easily circulate to keep you cool.
  • Customized Comfort – Adjustable lumbar support, seat height, and reclining angle.
  • Arm Relief – Height adjustable padded armrests to reduce strain.
  • Maneuver with Ease – Smooth-rolling casters allow you to move around your workspace.
  • Space Saving – Folding armrests tuck in nicely when sliding chair under desk.
  • Heavy-Duty – Supports up to 250 pounds.

The breathable mesh material adds an extra layer of comfort by preventing body heat and moisture build-up. Warm days in the office? No problem. The Razzor Office Chair keeps you cool, calm, and collected.

The padded armrests effortlessly adjust up and down to provide relief to your shoulders and elbows. Or simply flip them up and out of the way to slide your chair under your workspace. Either way, you’ll be supporting your upper body comfortably.

Gliding around the office is smooth and easy with the dual wheel casters that allow you to move freely from your computer to the printer or file cabinet with minimal effort. No need to stand up to reach items just beyond your workspace.

When it’s time to recline, the adjustable tilt tension and tilt lock allow you to control the amount of resistance you want when leaning back. Lock the chair in place once you find the perfect angle. Whether you’re on a conference call, reading reports, or brainstorming new ideas, this ergonomic desk chair provides exceptional comfort.

Set-Up is Simple

Assembling this adjustable task chair takes only 15-25 minutes to complete with the included user-friendly instructions. All necessary tools and hardware are also provided for your convenience. Adjusting the various levers and controls is intuitive once built. If you do have any issues, Razzor’s customer support team is ready to help get your new ergonomic chair properly adjusted.

Razzor’s Warranty and Quality Guarantee

Your health and satisfaction are important, which is why the Razzor Ergonomic Office Chair comes backed by a 1-year warranty. Though we are confident in the quality, should anything go wrong or if you have any concerns, contact Razzor’s customer support team for assistance. Your new desk chair will be replaced or repaired.

Experience Ultimate Comfort and Say Goodbye to Aches and Pains

With its curved breathable mesh back, fully adjustable armrests, smooth mobility, and customizable lumbar support, the Razzor Ergonomic Office Chair provides premium comfort and ergonomic support for improved posture and all-day pain relief. Upgrade your workspace and overall wellbeing with a chair designed to promote healthy movement and proper alignment.


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