Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray Royal Flush Eucalyptus and Spearmint



Keep Your Bathroom Smelling Fresh with Poo-Pourri’s Royal Flush Scented Toilet Spray

Poo-Pourri’s before-you-go toilet spray is the solution to embarrassing bathroom odors. Just a few spritzes in the bowl before use traps odors under water, preventing them from ever reaching the air. Now you can “go” with confidence, knowing that this effective and pleasantly scented toilet spray leaves your bathroom smelling fresh and clean.

The refreshing eucalyptus and spearmint essential oil blend provides a crisp, invigorating scent. Poo-Pourri’s unique patented formula uses natural essential oils to create a barrier on the water’s surface, locking in bathroom odors before they begin. With up to 200 uses per 4oz bottle, this long-lasting spray is easy to use and great for home bathrooms, office restrooms, dorms, campers, and RVs.

Poo-Pourri is also effective against laundry, nursery, pet and trash odors. Made in the USA, it’s non-toxic, septic safe, and carrion friendly. Satisfaction guaranteed. For best results, shake well before each use and spray 3-5 times directly into the toilet bowl before use. Make your bathroom experience more pleasant with Poo-Pourri.


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