OXO Good Grips 12″ Frying Pan Skillet with Lid – 3-Layered German Engineered Nonstick Coating for Easy, Healthy Cooking



Discover the joy of easy, healthy cooking with the OXO Good Grips 12″ Frying Pan. This high-quality skillet is crafted with a hard-anodized aluminum body that provides superior heat conduction and scratch resistance. The pan’s three-layer German-engineered nonstick coating allows you to cook with little to no oil for outstanding food release and effortless cleanup.

The OXO Good Grips skillet features a sturdy stainless steel handle covered in stay-cool silicone for a safe, slip-free grip. A tempered glass lid is also included, letting you conveniently monitor cooking progress without losing heat or moisture.

With its durable construction and premium nonstick surface, this 12” frying pan can withstand daily use on most stovetops, except induction. It’s also oven safe up to 390°F, giving you the flexibility to start dishes on the stove and finish cooking in the oven.

Cook Healthier Meals with Less Oil and Easy Cleanup

The OXO Good Grips skillet’s 3-layer German-engineered nonstick coating is truly impressive. The first two layers deliver extreme scratch resistance to maintain the pan’s flawless cooking surface. The top layer provides easy food release so you can cook eggs, meat, fish, veggies and more with little to no oil. Food slides right off for quick serving and effortless cleanup – no more soaking or scrubbing!

The nonstick surface also allows you to use less oil compared to traditional skillets, letting you enjoy all the flavor of your ingredients without excess grease or calories. This makes the OXO skillet a great choice for cooking healthy, home-cooked meals for the whole family.

Superior Heat Distribution and Scratch Resistance

At the core of this frying pan is its hard-anodized aluminum body. Hard-anodization is an electrochemical process that strengthens and protects the aluminum, creating a surface that’s significantly more durable than stainless steel.

The hardened aluminum offers superior heat conduction and distribution compared to traditional skillets. This allows for even cooking with no hot spots, so your food is perfectly browned and crisped every time.

And thanks to the anodized surface, the pan resists scratches, abrasion, corrosion and reactions with acidic foods. It can withstand metal utensils and the daily wear-and-tear of cooking.

Stay-Cool Handle for a Comfortable, Slip-Free Grip

The ergonomic stainless steel handle provides a comfortable, secure grip while cooking. It’s coated in heat-resistant silicone that remains cool to the touch, even when the pan is hot. This lets you safely hold and maneuver the pan during cooking.

The handle’s unique shape fits your hand naturally. And the soft, non-slip silicone ensures your fingers stay in place for total control when tossing food. No more worrying about the pan slipping out of your hands.

Tempered Glass Lid Locks in Heat and Moisture

The OXO Good Grips skillet includes a handy tempered glass lid so you can monitor food without lifting the lid and losing steam or heat. The durable glass withstands high oven temperatures while letting you view cooking progress.

Keep the lid on while simmering soups, sauces and stews to lock in moisture and flavors. Or use it while sautéing vegetables or searing meat to accelerate cooking by trapping heat and juices.

The glass lid makes it easy to check doneness, prevent boiling over or see when food is perfectly browned. No more guessing if your dish is ready or burning yourself lifting the lid constantly.

Use It For All Your Favorite Recipes and Dishes

With its smart design and versatility, the OXO Good Grips frying pan can tackle nearly any recipe. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Fry bacon, eggs, pancakes and hash browns for a hearty breakfast
  • Sauté chicken, shrimp or tofu for easy weeknight meals
  • Cook or char vegetables like zucchini, peppers, carrots and more
  • Sear fish fillets or steaks for delicious crispy edges
  • Simmer sauces, chili or oatmeal without scorching
  • Roast nuts for a crunchy snack or salad topping
  • Bake cornbread, frittatas or mini fritters

With the OXO Good Grips skillet, you can cook all your family favorites healthier, easier and faster. The nonstick surface means minimal oil, less sticking and effortless cleanup.

Durable Construction for Years of Reliable Use

From its hard-anodized body to stay-cool handle, this skillet is built to last. OXO is known for its quality craftsmanship and attention to detail that makes their products withstand daily use.

The premium nonstick coating is engineered to excel through thousands of uses. Even metal utensils won’t damage the surface.

While traditional nonstick pans lose their effectiveness overtime, the OXO Good Grips skillet is designed to deliver easy food release and healthy cooking for years to come.

Invest in this high-quality, multipurpose frying pan, and you’ll enjoy quick, easy meals for years without the hassle of flaking, peeling pans. It’s the perfect skillet for everyday cooking that delivers professional-level results.

Oven Safe and Compatible with Most Cooktops

The OXO Good Grips 12” skillet is oven safe up to 390°F, so you can start dishes on the stovetop then transfer them directly to the oven. Bake casseroles, roast veggies or broil fish without switching pans.

This versatility also makes the skillet ideal for cooking full meals. For example, you can sear chicken in the skillet then pop it in the oven to finish roasting.

The durable construction also makes the pan compatible with most stovetops including:

  • Gas
  • Electric
  • Glass top
  • Halogen
  • Ceramic

The only exception is induction ranges, where the skillet’s aluminum body prevents induction heating.

For most home cooks, this high-quality frying pan works on all your existing stovetops and ovens. No need to invest in specialized induction-ready cookware.

Enjoy Effortless, Healthy Cooking with OXO Good Grips

With its smart 3-layer nonstick coating, stay-cool stainless steel handle and durable glass lid, the OXO Good Grips 12” Frying Pan Skillet makes healthy home cooking easy.

The premium nonstick surface requires little to no oil while delivering effortless food release for quick cleanup. The hard-anodized aluminum body distributes heat evenly to prevent hot spots. And the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable, secure grip.

For convenient, healthy meals that your family will love, choose the OXO Good Grips skillet. It takes the hassle out of cooking so you can enjoy delicious meals together night after night.


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