One Fire Rechargeable LED Bedside Lamp – 16 Color Mood Light with Touch Control



Illuminate your space beautifully with the One Fire Rechargeable LED Bedside Lamp. This versatile lighting provides adjustable brightness, 16 captivating colors, and convenient cordless portability. The sensitive touch controls let you easily customize the lighting to match any mood or activity.

10 Brightness Levels for Any Task

With a simple touch, this LED lamp smoothly dims from a bright, energizing light to a soft, sleepy glow. Find the perfect brightness for reading, working, nursing, or just ambient lighting. The flicker-free technology is soothing on your eyes for prolonged use.

Shift Your Mood Instantly with Vibrant Colors

Not only does this lamp provide warm-to-cool white light, but you can immerse your room in your choice of 16 colors. Cycle through the rainbow with the RGB spectrum or select a specific hue like red, green, blue, or purple. Colorful lighting brings positive energy and transforms the ambiance.

Cordless and Portable for Anywhere Use

The convenient cordless design allows you to bring soothing light anywhere – place it on your nightstand, end table, desk, or side table. At just 1.1 pounds, it’s lightweight enough to carry room to room or outside. The built-in rechargeable battery runs for up to 200 hours on the lowest setting.

Multipurpose Bedside Lamp for All Ages

Customizable lighting makes this LED lamp versatile for every member of the family:

– For kids, make bedtime less scary with a colorful glow.
– Help babies sleep by creating a dim, peaceful nursery.
– Allow teens to study comfortably into the night.
– Give older adults a tool to navigate safely.
– Make it easier for nursing mothers during late-night feedings.

Compact and Stable Design

Measuring just 5.3 inches tall and 3.5 inches in diameter, this mini lamp is perfect for small nightstands and desks. The weighted rubber base keeps it firmly planted. The modern cylindrical shape adds elegant ambiance anywhere.

Satisfaction Guarantee

One Fire provides exceptional quality and backs it with a 3-year warranty. Enjoy effortless setup, intuitive touch controls, and reliable performance. If you have any issues, contact our friendly customer service for prompt help.

Delight your senses with the One Fire Rechargeable LED Bedside Lamp. Order now to create the perfect lighting atmosphere for relaxation, productivity, or play.


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