Niulight Transformable LED Desk Lamp – Flexible 3-Light Bar Architect Lamp for Home Office – Five Modes and Brightness Levels Table Lamp for L-Shaped Desk



Illuminate Your Workspace in Style with the Niulight Transformable LED Desk Lamp

Looking for the perfect desk lamp to brighten up your home office or workspace? Look no further than the Niulight Transformable LED Desk Lamp. This innovative lamp features an extra wide 37.4″ lighting bar that can extend up to 90 inches, providing exceptional coverage for large desks, workstations, and multi-monitor setups.

With its flexible design and 7 rotating joints, the Niulight lamp allows you to position the light exactly where you need it. The three adjustable light bars allow you to expand the lighting area or create a super bright task light as needed. Whether you’re working, reading, crafting, or pursuing any desk-centric activity, this LED desk lamp has you covered.

See Every Detail with Ultra Bright 1500 Lumen Output

Illumination matters when you’re trying to focus on intricate tasks or review important documents. The Niulight desk lamp delivers an ultra bright 1500 lumen output to ensure you can see every detail clearly and accurately. The three integrated light bars distribute the light evenly over your entire workspace. Forget squinting and eye strain! This lamp provides perfect clarity for work or hobbies.

Protect Your Eyes with Flicker-Free LEDs

Staring at a flickering light source can quickly lead to eye strain and headaches when you’re working for long periods. The Niulight desk lamp utilizes integrated LEDs that deliver consistent, flicker-free illumination. The LEDs render colors accurately with a color rendering index (CRI) over 90 while the 45° angled light bars direct illumination away from your screens and eyes. Adjustable brightness and color temperature settings allow you to customize the light to reduce eye fatigue.

Automatically Adjusts Brightness As Needed

Tired of constantly fiddling with lamp settings when ambient light changes? The smart light sensor in the Niulight desk lamp detects the light level in the room and automatically adjusts the brightness to maintain the ideal illumination for your space. When you turn the lamp on, it will recall the last brightness and color temperature setting you used. This auto-adjust feature ensures the lamp integrates seamlessly with wall switches, smart plugs, and voice control.

Customize Your Lighting Environment

Take complete control over your lighting with the Niulight’s customizable settings. Select from five brightness levels ranging from a soft glow to maximum illumination. Adjust the color temperature anywhere from a warm 3000K to an invigorating daylight 6000K. You can click through the settings or long press for stepless dimming and temperature adjustment. Program your perfect lighting environment for any activity!

Flexible Gooseneck Design Reaches Every Corner

The Niulight’s flexible gooseneck design features three adjustable lighting bars connected by high quality rotating joints. Each joint rotates 360° to allow unlimited positioning. Bend and shape the gooseneck to direct the light precisely where you want it. The strong clamp base and 23.7 inch maximum height adjustment provide stability and the reach to illuminate every corner of your workspace.

Clamps Securely Onto Any Desk or Table

Mounting your new Niulight lamp is a breeze thanks to the secure clamp base. Just attach to the rear or side of any desk or table up to 2.5 inches thick. The non-slip padded clamp protects your furniture from any scratches or marks. Place the lamp in an optimal position to maximize your workspace illumination.

Technical Specifications

– Extra wide 37.4″ light bar extends up to 90″
– 1500 lumen brightness with up to 23.7″ height adjustment
– 7 flexible rotating joints and 3 positionable light bars
– Flicker-free LED light sources with CRI over 90
– Auto-adjusting smart light sensor remembers settings
– 5 brightness levels from 20% to 100%
– 5 color temperature settings from 3000K to 6500K
– Touch panel for selection and long press for stepless dimming/tempering
– Clamp base attaches securely to desks up to 2.5″ thick

Experience the difference dynamic, customized lighting makes as you power through your to-do list with the Niulight Transformable LED Desk Lamp. Adjustable brightness, eye-friendly illumination, and flexible positioning make this lamp the perfect workspace upgrade. Transform how you see your desk – click add to cart now!


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