mDesign Sleek and Discreet Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder Set – Modern Bronze Bathroom Essential Cleans Hard to Reach Areas



Tackle even the toughest toilet cleaning jobs with ease using the mDesign Sleek and Discreet Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder Set. This modern bathroom essential features a sturdy bronze brush with stiff bristles that scrub away stuck-on gunk, grime, and stains for a sparkling clean toilet bowl.

The compact holder keeps the brush discretely stored beside the toilet when not in use. Its slim profile takes up minimal space, making it ideal for small bathrooms. The non-slip base ensures the holder stays securely in place on the floor – no need to worry about it toppling over.

Deep Cleans the Toilet Bowl & Under Rim

The firm bristles on the mDesign toilet brush allow you to scrub every nook and cranny with ease. Get under the toilet rim and deep into the trap to remove built-up dirt and bacteria. No more dreaded scrubbing with flimsy disposable toilet brushes! The sturdy mDesign brush handles tough cleaning jobs without falling apart.

The ergonomic handle fits comfortably in your hand, while the round plastic shield protects fingers from splashes and splatters during scrubbing. No more messy cleanups!

Stylish Bronze Design Matches Any Decor

With its metallic bronze finish, this toilet bowl brush and holder adds a subtle decorative accent to your bathroom. The modern color pairs nicely with most color palettes and styles, from traditional to contemporary.

The sleek, low-profile holder keeps the brush hidden away when not in use. No more eyesores or ugly toilet cleaning tools cluttering up your space! The compact footprint is perfect for small powder rooms, half baths, and guest bathrooms.

Built to Last from Durable Plastic

Constructed from heavy-duty plastic, this toilet bowl brush and holder set withstands frequent use without showing signs of wear. The bristles maintain their stiffness wash after wash, so you can continue deep cleaning your toilet. No need to replace flimsy disposable brushes month after month.

The non-slip foam base on the holder keeps it firmly planted on the floor. No need to worry about the holder sliding around or toppling over.

When it’s time to clean, simply lift the brush from its discreet holder and get scrubbing. The brush fits neatly back into place when finished – no wrestling to get it back in!

Quick & Easy Maintenance

Keeping your toilet brush fresh and sanitary is a cinch. Regularly clean the mDesign toilet brush using mild soap and water. Allow it to air dry completely before placing it back in the holder.

To sanitize the brush and holder, use a disinfecting cleaner or bleach solution. The durable plastic construction holds up well to cleaning chemicals.

Compact Yet Mighty

Measuring just 4.25″ diameter x 16″ high, this toilet bowl brush and holder set is specially sized for compact bathrooms. The slim round holder tucks neatly beside toilets, even in the tightest spaces.

Small yet mighty, this toilet cleaning duo delivers serious scrubbing power. The tough bristles make quick work of stuck-on gunk and stains for a pristine, germ-free toilet bowl.

This set is ideal for powder rooms, half baths, apartments, condos, dorms, RVs, campers, and other petite spaces. The discreet design disappearing into the background when not in use.

Why Choose the mDesign Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder?

  • Sturdy bronze brush with stiff bristles deep cleans under rim & trap
  • Ergonomic handle and splash guard for comfortable cleaning
  • Sleek, discreet holder keeps brush hidden when not in use
  • Compact footprint fits neatly beside toilet in small bathrooms
  • Durable plastic construction made to last
  • Non-slip base keeps holder firmly planted on floor
  • Easy to remove brush for cleaning; fits back in holder with no hassle
  • Modern bronze color matches any style decor

Ditch your flimsy disposable toilet brush for the mDesign Sleek and Discreet Toilet Bowl Brush and Holder Set. This dynamic cleaning duo tackles tough toilet messes while adding a subtle stylish touch to your bathroom.

The sturdy bronze brush removes stuck-on gunk for a sparkling clean bowl, while the space-saving holder discretely stores the brush beside the toilet when not in use.

Order yours today to experience easier, more effective toilet cleaning! Your bathroom hygiene will get a stylish upgrade with this modern bronze essential.


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