Lifty Loo Toilet Seat Handle – Ocean Plastic Recycled – Lift & Lower Toilet Seat Hygienically – Easy Install, White, 2 Pack



Tired of unsanitary toilet seats? Upgrade your bathroom essentials with the original Lifty Loo Toilet Seat Handle. This innovative handle makes lifting and lowering toilet seats completely hands-free and hygienic. Now made with recycled ocean plastic, each ergonomic handle installs in seconds with a durable adhesive.

Lifty Loo is the original toilet seat handle designed to encourage better bathroom habits. The angled handle makes lifting and closing toilet seats easy without using your bare hands. This removes direct hand contact with dirty toilet seats to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria. The ergonomic shape is easy for kids and seniors to use.

Each handle is made of thick, durable plastic containing 85% recycled ocean plastic. By recycling this waste plastic into Lifty Loo handles, we help reduce ocean pollution. The handle attaches securely to the underside of any toilet seat with the included strong 3M adhesive.

Installation takes just seconds with the improved 3M VHB adhesive tape. Just clean the bottom of the toilet seat, peel and stick. The adhesive is designed to bond instantly to most toilet seat materials including plastic, wood and ceramic. It sticks tight with no shifting or falling off. The adhesive leaves no messy residue if you ever wish to remove.

The sleek white handle complements any bathroom décor from modern minimalist to farmhouse chic. Discreetly mounted underneath the seat, it adds a touch of style while keeping the focus on the rest of your bathroom design. Kids and guests will find the handle intuitive and easy to use.

Stop dreading dirty toilet seats and upgrade to a more hygienic bathroom. Lifty Loo handles encourage good habits and help maintain cleaner bathrooms. Buy now to equip your home, office, shop or restaurant bathrooms.

Your purchase includes two recycled plastic toilet seat handles with durable 3M adhesive tape. Made in the USA. Simple installation requires no tools. All hardware mounts directly onto existing toilet seats. Handles measure 4”L x 1”W. Fits most elongated and round toilet seat shapes. Click Add to Cart now for an easy upgrade to a germ-free bathroom!


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