Keep Your Microwave Clean and Your Food Protected with These Collapsible Microwave Food Covers



Tired of messy microwave splatters and explosions when reheating your food? These collapsible microwave food covers are the perfect solution to keep your microwave clean while safely heating up leftovers and meals.

Made from BPA-free and food safe TPR plastic, these covers are designed to vent steam while keeping splatters and spills contained. The multiple perforations allow steam to escape, preventing a messy build up of condensation under the cover. Food can heat evenly and safely without creating a mess.

The collapsible design makes storage easy. Each cover measures 10.5 inches wide but can collapse down to just 1 inch high. Easily store them in a drawer or cabinet without taking up much space. When needed, the covers expand up to 3.3 inches high to accommodate plates and bowls.

With convenient built-in finger grips, lifting and removing the hot covers is easy and safe. No need for pot holders or towels. The grip handle gives you a secure hold on the cover.

These versatile covers have a heat resistant design tested up to 284°F, making them microwave and dishwasher safe. Use them for reheating leftovers, steaming vegetables, or even as a colander to rinse fruit. The uses are endless!

Keep Your Microwave Clean

Tired of scrubbing splattered food and grease from the inside of your microwave? These covers prevent messy splatters and explosions by trapping food inside while allowing steam to vent.

Messy microwave mishaps are a thing of the past. No more scrubbing baked on food splatters and stains. Just pop your plate under one of these covers and your microwave interior stays clean.

The perforated top traps food but allows steam to escape through small vent holes. Hot pockets and pot pies won’t explode under pressure. Soups and stews won’t bubble over the edges of bowls.

With your food safely contained, the only cleaning you’ll need to do is washing the affordable microwave cover. Much easier than scrubbing food splatters!

Give your microwave a break from messy spills and save time on cleaning with these useful covers.

Safely Reheat Leftovers

No need to transfer leftovers to a new bowl before reheating. Just place your dinner plate or storage bowl right into the microwave and cover with one of these vented lids.

The perforated top allows food to heat evenly, steaming and warming throughout. Soups, stews, casseroles, and veggies will heat faster covered by a microwave lid. With even heat distribution, you won’t end up with cold spots or uneven cooking.

The vent holes let steam release so food doesn’t get soggy from condensation buildup. Microwave like a pro and get evenly heated leftovers every time.

Forget plastic wrap or paper towels. These BPA-free covers are made for the microwave so you can reheat your food without worries.

Steam Vegetables to Perfection

Get crisp-tender steamed vegetables by using one of these microwave covers. No need for a special steamer basket!

Place chopped veggies in a microwave safe bowl with a little water. Cover with the vented lid and microwave for the perfect amount of time.

The perforations allow steam to escape, preventing overcooking. Enjoy perfectly steamed broccoli, carrots, green beans, and more. Your veggies will cook evenly and come out with a beautiful vibrant color.

Steaming preserves more nutrients than boiling. And it’s so fast and easy in the microwave with these food covers!

Collapse for Easy Storage

When you’re not using your microwave food covers, they collapse down for compact storage.

Each plastic cover measures 10.5 inches wide but shrinks to just 1 inch tall when collapsed. Once collapsed, store them in a kitchen drawer or cabinet without taking up valuable storage space.

The collapsible design allows you to always have these covers on hand when you need them. They hardly take up any room so you can store them right inside your microwave.

When ready to use, just expand the collapsed cover up to its full size of 3.3 inches tall. Lift the cover over your food, grip the handle, and start microwave cooking.

With the ability to collapse, these covers can be stored anywhere for convenience and take up almost no space.

Dishwasher Safe

The BPA-free plastic and heat resistant design allows these microwave covers to be tossed right in the dishwasher for fast and easy cleaning.

No need to handwash. Just remove your cover after microwaving and pop it into your dishwasher along with your dinner plates and utensils. The perforated top design prevents water from pooling under the cover and allows complete cleaning.

Save time by skipping handwashing. Dishwasher cleaning removes any leftover food particles and sanitizes the covers.

Their high heat durability makes these covers very durable. They will not warp from the hot temperatures and harsh detergents. You can safely clean them hundreds of times.

Easy cleaning means you’ll use these microwave covers again and again. Just toss them in the dishwasher after use!

Multipurpose Design

Don’t reserve these covers just for the microwave. Their versatile design works great for multiple kitchen tasks!

Use them as a colander to rinse fruits, vegetables, and more. The perforations allow water to drain away while retaining the food.

Let them double as a steamer basket. Place in a saucepan with water and stacking foods for even steaming.

Cover dishes to retain heat or moisture. The 10.5 inch size fits casserole dishes, cake pans, pots, and more.

Invert them to use as a fruit basket, letting air circulate to prevent mold. Or use as a cooling rack for baked goods.

Their uses are endless! These handy kitchen covers do double duty for all kinds of cooking and prep tasks.

High Quality BPA-Free Material

These collapsible microwave covers are constructed from food safe, BPA-free TPR plastic. This material is heat resistant up to 284°F, making the covers durable and long lasting.

TPR plastic has high elasticity and flexibility. It easily collapses down without cracking or breaking, yet pops back to full size when needed.

The BPA-free material makes the covers safe for direct contact with food. You don’t have to worry about chemicals leaching during microwaving or while using for food prep.

Made from food grade materials, these covers are completely safe. And their flexible plastic construction allows them to be folded down for compact storage in cabinets or drawers when not in use.

Only the highest quality materials meet our safety standards. These collapsible microwave covers are built to last through tons of use.

Stop Microwave Messes Today

Keep your microwave clean and your food safely heated with these BPA-free collapsible microwave covers. Their vented design allows steam to escape while retaining heat and moisture.

Reheat leftovers, steam vegetables, and cook your microwave meals with no worry about messy splatters. The perforated lid keeps all the food safely contained.

The grip handle provides a secure hold for removing the hot cover without needing a potholder. Built to collapse down small and expand up for use, these covers conveniently tuck away in any kitchen.

Get a 2-pack of durable and reusable microwave covers to simplify cooking. Just click Add to Cart to stop microwave messes and enjoy safely heated meals anytime!


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