Keep Your Foods From Scorching with the Lodge 8″ Cast Iron Trivet



Stop worrying about your delicious roasts, savory pies, juicy meats, and other foods scorching in the bottom of your Dutch oven. The Lodge L8DOT3 Cast Iron Meat Rack/Trivet is specially designed to elevate foods out of the direct heat, preventing burnt bottoms while the rest of your dish cooks to tender, flavorful perfection.

This rugged trivet is crafted from the same high-quality cast iron that Lodge uses for all of their legendary cookware. Precision-machined with their proprietary casting methods, it offers superior heat retention and distribution for phenomenal cooking performance. The heavy-duty cast iron construction also gives this trivet unmatched durability to serve your family for years to come.

Key Features

  • 8-inch diameter rack fits Lodge Dutch ovens 4 quarts or larger
  • Raises foods up off the pan bottom to prevent scorching
  • Preseasoned with vegetable oil formula for a natural, easy-release finish
  • Unparalleled heat retention and even heating
  • Easy care – hand wash, dry, rub with cooking oil
  • Made in the USA with global materials

This handy trivet lets you cook with the kind of carefree confidence you get from Lodge cast iron. Just place it right in your Dutch oven and set your roast, chicken, lasagna, or other dish on top. The ribs elevate your food out of the hottest part of the pan so the bottom bakes to perfection while the top and sides build a gorgeous brown crust.

Meats, poultry, breads, casseroles, cobblers, and even a simple pan of roasted vegetables will turn out incredibly moist and tender without any burnt bits. Pies, quiches, and other baked goods will have a flawlessly done bottom crust and filling.

Superior Heat Retention and Distribution

Cast iron’s unmatched heating capabilities give you very even cooking with no hot spots. The trivet absorbs the oven or stovetop heat and spreads it gently and consistently across your food. This allows the bottom of your dish to cook through without burning or becoming mushy before the top and edges have finished.

You’ll enjoy food baked, roasted, or simmered in cast iron cookware for its wonderfully moist interiors and crisp, flavorful exteriors. Even delicate recipes come out with just the right texture and doneness throughout when you use the proper cookware and accessories like this trivet.

Pre-Seasoned for a Natural Release

This trivet comes pre-seasoned with vegetable oil for a smooth, natural release. The oil is baked into the pores of the cast iron for lasting protection. Foods will not stick to the properly seasoned surface the way they would to untreated cast iron.

With the pre-seasoning, you can use the trivet right out of the box. Over time and many uses, seasoning it yourself with vegetable, canola, grapeseed, or other non-hydrogenated cooking oil will further enhance its performance.

Easy to Care for Your Cast Iron Accessory

Clean up with this trivet takes just seconds. Simply wash by hand in hot water using a sponge or stiff brush. Dry it promptly and thoroughly to prevent rust. Give it a periodic rubdown with oil to maintain the patina.

Never soak cast iron or clean it abrasively or it can damage the seasoning. Avoid using harsh detergents which will strip away those flavorful oils built up over time. With these basic care instructions, it will only improve with age.

Heavy-Duty Cast Iron Construction

This trivet is made the Lodge way, with traditional techniques honed over 125 years of USA manufacturing experience. They use proprietary molds to cast each piece, resulting in fine detailing not found with normal sand casting methods.

The cast iron has excellent thermal conductivity and moisture evaporation for superior cooking performance. Its legendary durability makes this accessory practically indestructible under normal home use. There’s no plastics, coatings or chemicals to wear off or degrade over time either.

With easy care, this rack should serve your family for generations while only improving with age. It’s backed by the Lodge lifetime warranty.

Give new life to hand-me-down Dutch ovens or enjoy perfect results from your new set. The Lodge 8″ Cast Iron Trivet is a must-have accessory for cast iron cookware owners who want to keep enjoying their favorite recipes without burnt, scorched bottoms. Order today to prevent burnt food for years to come!


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