Illuminate Your Space with the VersaGlow Multi-Color Digital Alarm Clock



Make mornings magical and fill your space with ambiance with the VersaGlow Multi-Color Digital Alarm Clock. This LED alarm clock illuminates your room with a warm glow and vibrant color. Customize your experience with 11 different color options to match your mood and style.

The VersaGlow transforms from a functional LED clock into a decorative night light. Enjoy the soft ambient lighting as you wind down at night. The adjustable brightness allows you to customize the intensity. Set it to low brightness for a subtle glow or increase it to emit a brighter radiance. The automatic night mode senses when it’s dark and dims for comfortable nighttime viewing.

Reading the extra-large 2-inch display is effortless from anywhere in the room. The crisp, clear digits are visible at a glance so you can check the time with just a quick peek. The 7-inch wide display provides ample surface area for illuminating the time.

This LED digital alarm clock comes equipped with convenient features to make mornings easier. Connect your phone or other devices to the USB or USB-C charging ports to power up while you sleep. The built-in memory keeps the clock settings in place even if you unplug it. Set two separate alarms so you and your partner can maintain your own wake up schedule.

Designed with minimalist style, the VersaGlow alarm clock adds a decorative accent to any space. The rounded rectangular shape and neutral black color allow it to blend seamlessly into modern or traditional decor. Place it bedside as a nightstand clock to create an inviting glow in the bedroom. The compact footprint takes up minimal surface area, leaving room for lamps, books, and other bedside essentials. Or use it as a desk clock in home offices, dorm rooms, kitchens, and other spaces.

Whichever room you choose to decorate, the VersaGlow Multi-Color Digital Alarm Clock makes a functional and ornamental addition. Switch up the clock face color and ambient lighting to coordinate with your decor or change your mood. The versatile illumination provides the perfect amount of ambient glow and visual interest.

Millions of Amazon customers love using VersaGlow products to decorate with light. Here’s what they have to say:

“I am absolutely in love with this clock! It has so many color combinations to choose from and puts off just the perfect subtle glow.” – Melissa A.

“This clock is so versatile – it works great on my nightstand and looks super stylish on my desk at work.” – James T.

“The extra large display is so easy to read! I love the automatic night dimming so the clock doesn’t disrupt my sleep.” – Sarah G.

With customizable color options, convenient USB charging, memory backup, and large luminous display, the VersaGlow Multi-Color Digital Alarm Clock is the perfect night light clock for bedrooms, dorms, desks, offices, and other spaces. Available in 120V AC power supply only. Transform the ambiance and functionality of your space with the warm, vibrant glow of the VersaGlow!


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