Illuminate Your Space in Style with the Arch Floor Lamp with Remote



Experience the elegance and convenience of the Arch Floor Lamp. This modern lamp features an arched design that allows it to extend over furniture, saving space and creating an eye-catching look. The stable, wide base ensures the lamp stays securely upright. Take control of your lighting with the included remote control and foot switch. Adjust brightness, color temperature, set timers, all without leaving your seat. This floor lamp will become your new favorite light source.

Sleek Arched Design Saves Space

The unique arched shape sets this tall floor lamp apart. The long, curved neck allows the light to reach over obstacles like chairs, shelves, and more. Get illumination wherever you need it without the lamp taking up valuable floor area. The arch suspends the lamp head over your space, providing overhead lighting perfect for tasks or just creating a stylish atmosphere.

Stable Base for Secure Placement

The weighted circular base on this black floor lamp keeps the tall light steadily upright. The lamp stands at 70 inches but won’t easily tip thanks to the wide, flat base. No more worrying about accidental bumps or energetic pets toppling over your light. The quality metal base provides stability you can rely on.

Adjustable Metal Shade Directs Light

The 10-inch diameter metal shade gently diffuses the glow from the single 9W bulb. Rotate the shade 360 degrees horizontally to put light exactly where you want it. Angle the shade up or down to fine-tune the beam spread. Use the focused light for reading nooks, desks, or craft areas.

Take Complete Control with Remote & Foot Switch

This floor lamp comes with both a remote control and a foot switch allowing you to easily operate the light from anywhere in the room. The remote works up to 50 feet away. Turn the lamp on/off, dim brightness up/down, and change the color temperature—all with the compact wireless remote. Tap the foot switch to conveniently power the light on and off without reaching up.

Customize with Dimmable Brightness

Set the perfect illumination for any activity by dimming the integrated 9W LED bulb from 10% to 100% brightness. Reduce the light for a cozy glow in the evenings. Increase brightness when you need extra light for detailed tasks. Finding the right setting is easy with the responsive remote.

Adjust Color from Warm to Cool White

In addition to controlling brightness, the remote allows you to tune the white light color temperature. Choose from warm white (2700K), natural white (4000K), or cool daylight (6000K). Warm white gives off an inviting, cozy vibe perfect for relaxing. Cool white mimics natural daylight, helping boost productivity and energy. Find the optimal color for any mood or activity.

Set Timers for Added Convenience

Maximize convenience with the ability to program timers up to 1 hour. The lamp will automatically turn off after the set duration. Use this feature as a sleep timer to drift off to a dimmed light that shuts off automatically. Or set timers during idle hours to conserve energy without having to remember to manually power off.

Magnetic Remote Sticks Close By

The remote control features a magnet on the back so you can stick it to any nearby iron surface. Keep the remote easily accessible on a refrigerator, filing cabinet, or other metallic furniture. Always know where the remote is when you need to adjust your arch floor lamp.

Modern Accent Lighting for Any Room

With its contemporary arched design, this dimmable LED floor lamp adds modern style to your living room, bedroom, office, dorm, or other space. The matte black finish and simple curved lines complement both traditional and modern decors. Use it as a reading lamp, task light, ambient lighting, or as a unique decorative accent.

Easy Assembly Out of the Box

Putting together this floor lamp takes only minutes with no tools required. It ships with the 9W LED bulb included. Just screw the pole, base, and shade together according to the instructions. Plug in and enjoy your new remote control floor lamp! The lamp makes a great housewarming or holiday gift.

Brighten up your home with the convenient Arch Floor Lamp. The unique arching design saves space while providing focused overhead illumination. Take control of your lighting with included remote and foot switch. Transform the ambiance at the touch of a button!


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