Illuminate Your Life with Colorful Ambiance



Bring vibrant, customizable lighting to any room in your home with the 2 Pack Corner Floor Lamp with Smart App and Button Control. This innovative RGB LED floor lamp allows you to pick from 16 million colors and adjust brightness to set the perfect mood in seconds.

With built-in WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, you can control lighting via buttons on the lamp or the included smart app. Sync colors to music or set schedules to automate your home lighting. The sleek, space-saving corner design with adjustable gooseneck provides brilliant illumination exactly where you need it.


customize colors and brightness – Choose from over 16 million colors and adjust brightness levels to create an energetic atmosphere for gaming sessions or softer, warmer hues for movie nights. Save your favorite lighting presets to instantly set the mood.

Sync with music – Built-in, high-sensitivity microphone pulses light to the rhythm of your music. Surround yourself in a symphony of sound and light.

Smart app and button control – Customize lighting through simple button controls on the lamp or the included smart app. Set schedules, timers, and lighting presets with ease.

Aluminum construction – Sleek aluminum post and base is modern, minimalist, and built to last. The metal construction provides stability and is more durable than plastic designs.

Adjustable gooseneck – Flexible gooseneck easily adjusts to direct light where you need it most. Illuminate bookshelves, workspaces, and corners.

Easy 5 minute installation – With minimal parts and straightforward design, set up is quick and simple. Check the included instructions for guidance.

Customize Your Lighting Environment

The color changing LED bulb allows you to pick from over 16 million colors to paint your space in endless color combinations. Cycle through vivid hues like bold purples and energetic greens to liven up a party or shift to soft sunset tones to encourage relaxation before bedtime.

Save your favorite lighting presets like an orange and yellow scheme perfect for cozy movie nights or dim blue tones ideal for sleep. Then access them in an instant through buttons on the lamp or smart app to recreate ambiance.

Sync the floor lamp with music for an immersive lighting experience. Watch the lamp pulse and shift colors in time with whatever tunes you’re listening to. It feels like the music is coming to life around you thanks to the built-in, high-sensitivity microphone.

Or let the lamp flow through a spectrum of colors automatically with color cycling modes. From bright, bold rainbows to slowly shifting pastels, the mood lighting possibilities are endless.

Smart Controls for Customized Convenience

The corner floor lamp puts lighting customization at your fingertips. Control brightness, colors, rhythms and more through simple button presses on the lamp base.

Or take advantage of smart app controls and WiFi connectivity to control settings from anywhere. The app makes it easy to adjust lighting, set schedules, timers and activate different scenes like “reading mode” or “party”.

Automate your home lighting with scheduled timers. Set the lamp to turn on before you wake up to softly illuminate your morning routine or have it activate at sunset for added visibility in the evening.

Never worry about accidentally leaving lights on. Use the schedule feature to turn off lighting at bedtime or when you’re away from home. The days of manual switches are over!

Sleek, Minimalist Design

Make a stylish statement and save floor space with the corner floor lamp design. The sleek, lightweight aluminum post and base blends into both modern and traditional decor seamlessly.

Tucked into corners or placed near furniture, the minimalist lamp won’t clutter your room. The thin profile takes up less space than bulky table lamps and standard floor lamps.

The flexible gooseneck makes it easy to direct soft, glare-free lighting exactly where you need it most. Light up bookshelves for late night reading, shine a glow in cluttered corners or illuminate workspaces for crafting projects.

Experience the joys of customizable, smart lighting without overwhelm. Transform the look and feel of your home with the simple tap of a button! Brighten up your space with the 2 Pack Corner Floor Lamp today.


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