Illuminate Your Home Beautifully with the SUNMORY Multifunctional Floor Lamp with Table



Brighten up any room in your home with the amazing new SUNMORY Floor Lamp with Table. This isn’t just any ordinary floor lamp – it’s a multifunctional lamp and table combo that provides illumination, storage, and device charging all in one sleek package.

The clean, minimalist design blends seamlessly into any decor from modern farmhouse to contemporary. The black metal frame provides sturdy support while the white tabletop diffuses light beautifully. With a height of 55 inches, this tall lamp casts warm, even light throughout large living spaces, bedrooms, and home offices.

Multi-Scene Versatility for Every Room

Place this multifunctional SUNMORY lamp in your bedroom as a nightstand with drawer storage. The two side drawers are perfectly sized for storing books, glasses, remotes, and more. The tabletop offers a handy surface for bedtime reading lights and drinks. Or put it next to your living room sofa where the drawer and table space come in handy beside your favorite reading nook.

In your home office, this floor lamp takes on triple duty as task lighting, drawer organization, and device charging station. The LED bulb illuminates your work area while built-in USB ports and an AC outlet let you charge phones and laptops. Store pens, notepads, and office supplies in the drawers to keep your workspace clutter-free.

Spacious Storage Drawers

De-clutter your home with the two generous storage drawers integrated into the base of this floor lamp. Each drawer can hold up to 11 pounds and provides 0.66 cubic feet of storage space. Organize remotes, chargers, toiletries, office supplies, and more. The neutral black finish disappears against any wall so the beautiful lamp takes center stage.

Customizable, Eye-Friendly Lighting

Illuminate your space perfectly with the adjustable 3-color temperature LED bulb included with this floor lamp. Choose from three color temperatures:

– Warm White (2700K): Perfect for relaxation before bed – emits a soft, golden glow that feels cozy.

– Daylight (5000K): Crisp, bright white light ideal for tasks like applying makeup, reading, or working.

– Cool White (4000K): A nice balance between warm and daylight settings – provides moderately bright, neutral light.

The dimmable LED bulb saves over 85% in electricity costs compared to traditional incandescent bulbs. It provides flicker-free illumination that’s easier on your eyes than harsh fluorescent or halogen lighting.

Convenient Charging Ports

Never run out of juice for your devices again thanks to the built-in USB and AC ports. Charge two USB devices simultaneously at fast speeds. The additional outlet accommodates larger adapters for laptops, tablets, and more. No more scrambling when your smartphone hits low battery!

Easy 5-Step Assembly

Putting together this handy floor lamp is simple with the included tools and manual. Just follow these steps:

1. Attach the lamp head to the pole with provided screws.

2. Connect the lower pole to the base with screws.

3. Add the tabletop to the base.

4. Insert the lightbulb and lampshade.

5. Plug in and enjoy your new multi-functional lamp!

With easy tool-free drawer installation, the entire assembly takes less than 20 minutes. We provide detailed instructions with photos or video to guide you. And our friendly customer service is ready to help if you have any questions!

Quality Materials Built to Last

Built from strong metal with a powder coated finish, this floor lamp with table is made to last for years of daily use. The sturdy base keeps the 55 inch pole stable so the lamp doesn’t tip. Circuitry and outlets are up to U.S. standards for safety.

One Year Warranty Included

Your purchase is backed by a one year warranty covering any manufacturer defects. We stand behind our products and will resolve any issues promptly!

Transform Your Home with Multifunctional Lighting

Maximize function and style in your space with the SUNMORY Floor Lamp with Table. This innovative 3-in-1 design provides tailored lighting, convenient charging, and hidden storage. The versatile lamp looks great and performs even better!

Order yours today to create the perfect glow in your bedroom, living room, home office, or anywhere you need extra illumination, organization, and device charging.


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