Illuminate Every Corner of Your Home with the OUTON Double Side Lighting Led Torchiere Floor Lamp



Brighten up your living space and add a modern touch with the OUTON Double Side Lighting Led Torchiere Floor Lamp. This innovative floor lamp features a unique double-sided design that provides both ambient overhead lighting as well as a handy adjustable reading light.

Double-Sided Design for Versatile Illumination

What makes this torchiere floor lamp stand out is its dual-lighting setup. The top of the lamp contains LEDs that cast a wide, powerful beam of light across the entire room. The uplight provides an impressive 2700 lumens at 34W, filling your space with bright, energy-efficient illumination.

For more directed lighting, the bottom of the lamp head features an adjustable gooseneck reading light. Perfect for nightstand or sofa use, this 600 lumen light is ideal for reading or other tasks that need concentrated lighting. Both lighting areas can be controlled independently via remote or touch controls.

Full Range Dimming and Color Temperature Adjustment

Customize your lighting with a full range of brightness and color temperature options. This dimmable floor lamp allows you to adjust the light from a candle-like 5% brightness up to 100% full brightness.

Not only that, you can tune the color temperature anywhere from a soft, warm 3000K light to an invigorating 6000K daylight hue. Set the mood with a cozy amber glow or get an energizing boost from a cooler blue-tinted light. The remote and touch controls make it easy to find just the right settings.

Convenient Controls at Your Fingertips

The included remote control allows you to turn the lamp on and off, adjust brightness, and change color temperature, all without having to get up. Both the top uplight and bottom reading light can be controlled independently, so you can customize each one.

Or use the convenient touch controls located right on the pole. The capacitive buttons let you turn the lamp on/off or set a handy 1-hour auto shutoff timer with just a tap. Never worry about accidentally leaving the light on again.

The remote magnetically attaches to the metal lamp pole for quick access. It also adheres to fridges, walls, or other metal surfaces to keep it handy.

Remember Your Favorite Settings

The OUTON floor lamp remembers your preferred brightness and color temperature settings. When you turn the lamp back on, it will return to the exact same lighting you had on last. No need to fiddle with the controls every time to get your favorite lighting ambiance.

Modern Styling to Complement Any Decor

With its sleek black metal design and minimalist silhouette, this LED floor lamp integrates seamlessly into any contemporary home decor. The lamp stands at a height of 64 inches on a slender 5.5 inch diameter pole.

The weighted circular 18.5 inch diameter base provides sturdy support and keeps the lamp firmly planted. Place beside a sofa or lounge chair to provide ample lighting for reading nooks. Or put in a corner to distribute soft indirect illumination across the entire room.

Adjustable Gooseneck Reading Light

The flexible gooseneck bottom light can be maneuvered to put light exactly where you need it. Bend and adjust the light up, down, and side to side. Rotate a full 350° to eliminate shadows while reading or working.

The light head tilts up and down 85° to direct illumination right to your book or workspace. The adjustable reading light provides glare-free lighting perfect for close tasks.

Energy Efficient and Long Lasting

Featuring integrated LEDs, this floor lamp provides brilliant illumination while using a fraction of the energy of traditional incandescent bulbs. LEDs last for decades, so you’ll avoid the hassle and expense of frequent bulb changes.

The OUTON floor lamp is rated to last for a remarkable 50,000 hours of use. That’s over 25 years of use, based on 3 hours per day. This lamp’s quality LED light will provide many years of flawless operation and visual comfort.

Easy Tool-Free Assembly

Putting this floor lamp together is quick and simple. The three-section black metal pole easily twists together by hand – no tools required. Detailed instructions are included to walk you through the easy assembly. You’ll be enjoying your new standing lamp’s light in minutes.

Illuminate Your Home in Style

Whether you need a soft glow for creating cozy ambiance or a bright uplight to banish shadows from a large room, the OUTON Double Side Lighting Led Floor Lamp has you covered. Enjoy fully adjustable and customizable lighting with the convenience of touch and remote controls.

This versatile dual-purpose lamp brings modern elegance and functionality to your living space. Get high quality LED illumination and handy reading light all in one space-saving floor lamp.


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