Handcrafted Apple Red 13.78” Christmas Wreath Candle Ring Holiday Home Decorations



Bring the magical spirit of Christmas into your home this holiday season with this gorgeous handcrafted apple red Christmas wreath candle ring. Lovingly handmade with meticulous attention to detail, this 13.78” wreath is the perfect centerpiece decoration for spreading festive joy throughout your home.

Crafted from noble fir, pinecones, and faux red apples, this wreath is designed to capture the essence of Christmas in a beautifully decorative piece. As soon as you open the box, you’ll be enveloped by the fresh pine scent and struck by the vibrant red apples that give this wreath its distinctive holiday charm.

Measuring 13.78” in diameter, this wreath makes a stunning display on your front door, entryway, over the fireplace, or as the centerpiece on your dining room table or kitchen island. The red apples and pinecones are intricately wired onto the sturdy noble fir base, creating full, decorative coverage across the wreath. The red apples feature charming cracks and distressed details, lending a nostalgic, timeworn look reminiscent of old-fashioned Christmas decor.

Nestled within the fragrant fir branches are three glass candle holders ready to be filled with LED tea lights or flameless candles (not included) to cast a warm, welcoming glow. The candlelight flickers against the red apples and pinecones, creating a magical ambiance that feels straight out of a Christmas storybook.

As beautiful as this wreath looks illuminated with candles at night, it is equally gorgeous during the daytime with its vivid red apples juxtaposed against noble fir, pinecones, and a big plaid bow. This eye-catching Christmas wreath makes a statement wherever you hang it.

Celebrate the True Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is so much more than just elaborately decorated trees and perfectly wrapped presents – at its heart, it is a time to spread joy and celebrate with loved ones. This handcrafted apple red Christmas wreath embodies the true spirit of the holidays in every thoughtful detail.

Each element of this wreath was designed to capture the essence of Christmas and create a piece you will treasure for holidays to come. The noble fir represents everlasting life and hope while the red apples and pinecones signify abundance, life, and prosperity – all meaningful symbols of Christmas.

Even better, each wreath is handmade with care, quality, and creativity, just like the meaningful gifts we share with one another during the holidays. When you look at this beautiful Christmas wreath on your wall or door, you’re sure to recall the true meaning of the season and the heartfelt joy Christmas brings.

Flaunt Your Holiday Style

Make a gorgeous first impression this Christmas with this unique handcrafted apple red wreath display on your front door or entryway. Friends and family will delight in the creativity and holiday spirit this wreath exudes.

The vibrant red apples pop against the natural fir and pinecones, creating an eye-catching look that is both rustic and whimsical. As guests arrive at your home, they will instantly get swept up in the magical ambiance this handmade wreath provides.

Let your unique holiday style shine by pairing this apple red wreath with coordinating red plaid bows on your staircase banister or mantel garland. Accent with red Christmas truck decorations on the windowsills or faux red berries and poinsettias around the fireplace. Your Christmas decor will come alive with color, texture, and creativity.

Make the holidays unforgettable with this gem of a Christmas wreath that turns any ordinary home into a magical winter wonderland!

A Wreath That Lasts Beyond the Holidays

This handcrafted apple red Christmas wreath is a investment that will keep your holiday spirit alive for seasons to come! Made from high quality noble fir and natural pinecones, this wreath is built to last for many Christmases ahead.

The wired-on red apples will maintain their vibrant color and whimsical charm year after year, while the fir and pinecones hold their fragrance and shape through every holiday use. Pack up the wreath with care each January and it will be ready to display its Christmas magic again next season!

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself incorporating this wreath into your everyday home decor too. It brings a rustic, inviting element to any space that feels perfectly seasonal during autumn and winter. Hang it over your fireplace or on an empty wall for wintery ambiance all season long.

With the thoughtful materials and construction, this wreath is so much more than a one-season decoration. Let it become a staple Christmas tradition and warm up your home with nostalgic holiday charm for years to come.

Decorate Your Whole Home for the Holidays

One gorgeous apple red Christmas wreath is just the beginning! Use this handcrafted fir wreath as inspiration for decorating your entire home in seasonal style this Christmas.

Hang matching noble fir and pinecone garlands along your staircase banister lined with red velvet bows. Adorn your fireplace mantel with eucalyptus, faux red berries, and pinecones for organic texture. Nestle glass candle holders filled with LED lights into the garland and mantel decorations to create a warm, welcoming glow in every room.

Display this handmade apple wreath as your dining room centerpiece, surrounded by red plaid placemats and white taper candles. Create a tree skirt from burlap and red truck fabric that complements the colors and textures of your Christmas tree. The possibilities are endless!

Let your creativity run wild this season when decorating with this beautiful apple red wreath at the heart of it all. Fill every corner of your home with rustic holiday charm and your own unique Christmas style.


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