Funny Wooden Box Sign – “But Did You Document It?” Rustic Farmhouse Office Decor



Bring a touch of humor and charm to your office space with this witty wooden box sign featuring the phrase “But Did You Document It?”. Perfect for desks, shelves, and flat surfaces, this freestanding box sign measures 4 x 4 x 1.8 inches, making it the ideal size to liven up any workspace.

Crafted from high-quality wood with a rustic barnwood finish, this decorative piece blends both farmhouse and industrial style for a vintage-chic look. The visible wood grain paired with black distressed lettering gives this box sign a timeworn, weathered appearance reminiscent of a homemade sign found in a country cottage or seaside market.

Yet while it may look old, this box sign is sturdily constructed and built to last thanks to its solid wood design. Whether you place it on your desk as a daily reminder to stay organized, or display it on a bookshelf or credenza to add personality to your office, you can trust that this functional decor will withstand daily use for years to come.

Beyond just being cute decor, the phrase “But Did You Document It?” serves as a humorous and motivational reminder for anyone who sees it. We’ve all been in situations where a task or project wasn’t properly recorded, leading to miscommunications and confusion down the line. This lighthearted nudge to document your work brings some levity to the importance of organization and communication in the office or workplace.

While the message pokes fun in a relatable way, the rustic farmhouse style provides a warm, inviting look and feel. The worn, vintage appearance combined with visible wood grain gives off cozy cottage vibes that offset the industrial vibe of many modern offices. This makes the sign ideal for softening sterile, corporate environments and adding a touch of homey charm.

When proudly displayed, this box sign shows both clients and colleagues your values and priorities in an ingenious way. The phrase implies you care about thorough communication and record-keeping, while the charming aesthetics convey approachability, creativity, and valuing meaningful work.

With its clever message and shabby-chic country style, this box sign makes a perfect gift for hardworking colleagues and professionals who could use a friendly reminder not to skip important documentation. Teachers, accountants, lawyers, architects, engineers, designers, contractors, programmers, and any busy individual would appreciate this functional decoration that integrates humor and motivation into their workspace.

For easy gifting and storage, the sign comes ready to display in durable corrugated cardboard packaging. This prevents damage while in transit and allows the recipient to instantly unbox it and place it on any flat surface they desire. The versatile size and design fits seamlessly amongst modern or traditional decor, making it a foolproof gift for any office or workspace.

Liven up your office and give your productivity a boost with this endearing wooden box sign. With its vintage farmhouse styling and wry messaging, it’s sure to give you and your colleagues a much-needed chuckle while providing decor that makes your work environment more inviting and personal.

Product Highlights:

– Freestanding 4″ x 4″ x 1.8″ wooden box sign designed for desks, shelves, credenzas, and tabletops

– Rustic barnwood finish with visible wood grain for a worn, vintage look

– Distressed black lettering spelling out the phrase “But Did You Document It?”

– Removable cardboard backing allows for easy wall hanging

– Solid wood construction ensures durability and long-lasting quality

– Farmhouse and industrial blended style adds cozy charm to offices

– Humorous messaging motivates organization and communication

– Perfect office gift for colleagues, teachers, lawyers, accountants, and professionals

– Comes packaged in corrugated cardboard box for easy gifting and storage

– Versatile size and design complements any workspace aesthetic

So if you’re looking to add a touch of rustic charm, motivational humor, and stylish farmhouse decor to your office space, this clever wooden box sign makes an excellent addition. The high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensure it will stay looking great for years while keeping you and your colleagues smiling.


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