Folinstall 1 Gallon Extra Wide Mouth Glass Storage Jars – Large Capacity Canning Jars for Dry Goods, Liquids, Meal Prep and More



Store and organize ingredients, leftovers, and more with the versatile Folinstall 1 Gallon Extra Wide Mouth Glass Storage Jars. These large 4100ml glass jars feature an ultra wide opening and airtight lids to keep contents fresh.

Super Wide 10.9cm Opening

The extra wide 4.3 inch mouth allows you to easily fit your hand inside the jar for cleaning or to scoop out contents. You can also fit larger items or a 1 cup measuring scoop without issues. The wide opening gives you full access inside.

Airtight Seal for Freshness

The included BPA-free plastic lids create an airtight seal to lock in freshness and prevent leaks. The two-piece lid features a silicone gasket that adheres tightly to the thick glass rim to keep food fresh and moisture locked in.

Thick & Durable Glass

At 3.24 pounds each, these 1 gallon jars are made of thicker glass than average canning jars for added durability. The clear glass allows you to easily see contents without removing the lid. The jars are made of lead-free glass and safe for contact with foods.

Two Measurement Markings

Convenient fluid ounce and milliliter markings are etched onto each jar for easy measuring directly in the jar. No need to dirty extra measuring cups! Measure ingredients, liquids, and more with a quick glance at the handy volume markings.

Ideal for Meal Prep & Storage

These 1 gallon glass jars are perfect for storing bulk dry goods like flour, sugar, oats, pasta, rice, beans, and more. Their large capacity also makes them useful for meal prepping ingredients for the week or dividing leftovers into single portions.

Canning, Fermenting & More

Use these wide mouth jars for home canning, fermenting foods like sauerkraut or kimchi, creating overnight oats, storing kombucha SCOBYs, and any other application where an airtight seal is needed to preserve freshness and prevent leaks.

Durable & Stackable

Made from durable soda lime glass, these jars withstand boiling water for canning, time in the dishwasher, and repeated use. Their straight sides and flat lid allow them to stack neatly to save space. The glass is thermal shock resistant.

Lead-Free & Non-Toxic

The clear glass is free of lead and other toxic chemicals, making these jars safe for food contact. No need to worry about chemicals leaching into your edibles. Oven and microwave safe up to 300°F.

Matches Any Décor

Display these glass jars filled with ingredients on your countertop or shelving to add an organized, functional touch to your kitchen’s décor. The neutral glass jars look great in any style of kitchen.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Folinstall wants every customer to be fully satisfied with their glass jar purchase. We stand behind our products and offer a money back guarantee if you are not happy.

With their wide mouth, large capacity, and airtight seal, the Folinstall 1 Gallon Glass Storage Jars are a versatile addition to any pantry and kitchen. Order a set today!


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