FIOBEE Stuffed Animal Storage Net with LED Light – Fun Decor and Handy Toy Organizer for Kids’ Rooms



Does your child have an ever-growing collection of beloved stuffed animals and plush toys? Are they scattered all over their bedroom floor, with no organized place to store them? Introducing the FIOBEE Stuffed Animal Storage Net – the perfect solution for keeping stuffed animals off the floor and on display in your child’s room!

This ingeniously designed net hammock is handwoven from quality sturdy rope and hangs from the ceiling, providing a fun and decorative way to store and organize plush toys of all sizes. The net features 8 strong hanging rings and measures a spacious 39.4” x 39.4” x 59”, with plenty of room for dozens of stuffed critters. An attached LED light strip casts a gentle glow, creating a magical atmosphere in your child’s bedroom.

Your kids will love having their stuffed animal friends together in one place, while you’ll appreciate the tidy, organized appearance. The open weave design allows you to view the entire collection of plush pals, and it’s easy for little hands to grab their favorite one out to play or cuddle.

Fun and Practical Hanging Toy Organizer

Children have active imaginations that come to life with their beloved plush toys. But when the stuffed animal population in their room grows, keeping them off the floor can be a challenge. That’s where the FIOBEE storage net comes in! This handy organizer keeps plush toys up high and out of the way in an easy grab-and-go system.

The open weave allows air to circulate so stuffed animals don’t get dusty over time. The LED light strip gives a gentle glow when turned on, creating a soothing atmosphere for bedtime and adding a magical accent to your child’s bedroom. During playtime, the net helps reinforce cleaning up as your child puts their plush pals back in their special spot when done.

This dual-purpose room décor piece adds a decorative element while also serving a practical storage function. The neutral rope material blends seamlessly into any nursery or kid’s room. Two tassels hang down, adding a stylish touch of texture. Transform your child’s cluttered room into an organized oasis where everything has its place!


  • Sturdy handwoven rope net securely stores stuffed animals of all sizes
  • 8 reinforced hanging rings and ceiling mount for easy installation
  • Spacious 39.4” x 39.4” x 59” size holds dozens of plush toys
  • Open weave allows you to view entire stuffed animal collection
  • LED lighting strip creates a soft night light ambient glow
  • Great for organizing kids’ rooms and keeping toys off the floor
  • Durable construction made from quality materials built to last
  • Neutral design complements any nursery or bedroom decor style

Organize Your Child’s Stuffed Animal Collection

As your child’s plush toy collection grows, storage becomes an issue. Stuffed animals strewn across the bedroom floor can create clutter and turn clean up into a chore. That’s where the FIOBEE organizer comes in handy!

This woven rope net hammock neatly contains and displays your kid’s stuffed animal population. The durable netting holds dozens of plush toys while keeping them visible and within easy reach. No more digging through bins or cluttered toy boxes to find a favorite stuffed friend!

Hanging overhead, this stuffed animal holder keeps beloved plush pals up off the floor yet still in your child’s line of sight. The handy open weave design lets you view the entire collection at a glance. Air circulates to prevent dust buildup, keeping stuffed critters fresh and clean even when out of storage.

Lightweight plush toys are easy for small hands to grab and pull out of the nets. Adding or removing stuffed animals is a breeze – just place or lift them out of the organizer. When not in use for cuddling or playtime, your child’s plushies have their own special spot to “live”!

Create a Soothing Bedtime Atmosphere

The integrated LED lighting strip gives this organizer added functionality. Powered by USB, the soft glow creates a soothing and sleep-friendly atmosphere in your child’s bedroom when it’s time to power down and rest.

Activate the LED night light feature and watch your child’s stuffed animal collection come to life in a gentle ambient glow. Not too bright, the subtle lighting casts just enough illumination for maneuvering around the room before bed.

Your little one is sure to love drifting off to sleep beneath their magical twinkling menagerie of plush pals hovering overhead! The soft glow adds a whimsical accent and encourages peaceful slumber.

When morning comes, the sun streaming in through the window creates a whole new charming scene. The LED light easily turns off so the net hammock blends into the backdrop by day as just a clever storage solution.

High Quality Construction Built to Last

The FIOBEE stuffed animal organizer is hand constructed from woven cotton rope in a complex macrame knotting technique. The result is an extremely durable and stable netting that securely holds stuffed toys without stretching over time.

Strong hanging rings along the top edges are reinforced for safely mounting to your child’s bedroom ceiling. Included hardware allows for easy DIY installation – just mount to the ceiling and watch your kid’s plush toy chaos become an orderly display!

Made from quality materials, this hanging storage net is built hold up to years of use. The stuffed animal holder allows your children to enjoy their plush toy collection while keeping clutter at bay. It’s sure to be loved by kids and parents alike!

With its sturdy construction, clever design, and attractive appearance, the FIOBEE Stuffed Animal Storage Net with LED Light is the ultimate solution for organizing your kid’s plush toy collection while adding decorative flair to their bedroom. Order today and create an enchanting new home for your child’s beloved stuffed friends!


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