Easiecom Boho Floor Lamp with Linen Shade and LED Bulb in 3 Colors



Illuminate Your Space in Style with the Easiecom Boho Floor Lamp

Searching for a floor lamp that makes a stylish statement in your living room or bedroom? Look no further than the Easiecom Boho Floor Lamp. This minimalist lamp features a natural linen shade and modern black pole that blend perfectly with diverse décor aesthetics from modern to farmhouse.

Unlike cheap lamps that require you to purchase bulbs separately, this Easiecom lamp comes with a 9W LED bulb in 3 beautiful colors – warm white, white, and yellow. Switch between the colors to set the perfect mood in any room. The bulb is energy efficient, long lasting, and provides soft, ambient lighting ideal for relaxation.

The linen fabric shade diffuses the LED light to create a warm, inviting glow. The lamp illuminates spaces beautifully without being harsh or overly bright. Place it beside your sofa or armchair for a cozy reading nook. Position it next to your bed for late night reading before sleep. Or install it in a corner to spread a romantic vibe. Wherever it goes, the Easiecom lamp adds a decorative element that enhances your room.

With its tall, slim profile and small footprint, this floor lamp maximizes space while minimizing clutter. It’s the perfect size for tight spots behind furniture and in corners. The modern black pole blends into shadows, so the linen shade can take center stage. For safety, the weighted circular base provides stability to prevent tipping. No more worries about lights toppling over!

Assembly is a breeze with the included manual and video. Just screw the pieces together securely, plug it in, and enjoy your new lamp! Inside the base, the pull chain switch allows you to conveniently turn the light on and off and change colors without having to access an hard-to-reach foot switch.

Make a thoughtful gift for birthdays, holidays, weddings, graduations, and housewarmings. The Easiecom Boho Floor Lamp radiates cozy, welcoming light that adds a special touch to any living space. Brighten up your home decor today!

Key Features:

– Natural linen fabric shade creates soft, ambient lighting
– Slim black pole with weighted circular base for stability
– Space-saving design perfect for corners and tight areas
– Includes 9W LED bulb in 3 colors – warm white, white, and yellow
– Pull chain switch for easy on/off and changing bulb color
– Quick assembly required with included manual and video
– Modern style complements various aesthetics from modern to boho
– Ideal gift for housewarmings, holidays, weddings, dorms, and more

Linen Shade Creates Cozy, Inviting Glow

The Easiecom lamp is topped with a chic rectangle linen shade that diffuses the LED bulb’s light into a warm, welcoming glow. The fabric has a visible texture that adds depth and dimension. Linen is a natural material that softens and improves with age and use over time.

When illuminated, the shade emits a romantic yellowish light. The linen material directs the light downwards to eliminate glare and harshness. Place the lamp in your living room next to a sofa or chair to create a relaxing reading area. Put it on a nightstand to enjoy softer lighting when you go to sleep.

Linen is also moisture wicking and ultra durable. It resists stains, stands up to sun exposure, and doesn’t easily tear or rip. The shade can be cleaned by dusting or using a vacuum brush attachment. Spot clean minor stains by dabbing gently with a damp cloth.

Modern Minimalist Pole and Base for Stability

The Easiecom lamp combines simple lines with a lightweight profile. The tall black metal pole has a matte powder coated finish that resists fingerprints and smudges. It attaches securely to the weighted 12.5 inch circular base that keeps the lamp planted firmly on the floor.

With its minimalist design, the lamp complements both traditional and contemporary decor styles. The slender pole doesn’t take up much visual space, so the shade stands out as the star. Place the lamp in an empty corner to take advantage of the vertical real estate. The shade diffuses light across a wider area to brighten up the entire space.

The circular base provides stability, so the lamp doesn’t shake or sway. No more worries about the lamp tilting over if accidentally bumped into or knocked over by pets or kids. The lamp remains sturdy in place to prevent disruption or damage.

3-Way LED Bulb in Warm White, White, and Yellow

This floor lamp comes with a 9 watt LED light bulb in 3 colors – warm white, white, and yellow. Just turn the pull chain to switch between the different color temperatures and brightness levels.

The warm white LED setting is perfect for the living room, bedroom, or study. It gives off a very natural 2700K glow that’s ideal for the evenings. The bright white LED emits a crisp 4000K brightness resembling daylight – great for applying makeup or working. Switch to the soft yellow LED bulb for a cozy romantic ambiance.

The LED bulbs are integrated, long lasting, and energy efficient. They produce illumination equivalent to 60W incandescent bulbs while consuming up to 90% less energy. No more frequently replacing burnt out bulbs! The bulbs last over 25,000 hours for convenience and cost savings. Your lamp will emit beautiful lighting for years to come.

Pull Chain Allows Easy Control

A pull chain switch is integrated into the black pole, allowing you to easily control the lamp without accessing a difficult-to-reach foot switch. With a simple tug, you can turn the light on and off and alternate between the 3 color LED bulbs. No more hiding cords or straining to find the switch!

The pull chain hangs about 4.5 feet from the base, making it accessible for people of all heights. Kids can safely turn the lamp on themselves to read before bed. Adults don’t have to bend down or move furniture to reach the switch. The chain has a plastic bead, so it doesn’t make noise when pulled.

Conveniently located inside the pole, the pull chain switch eliminates the need to run cords to an external switch. Keep your living space clutter-free and hide the ugly electrical cord. Turn the lamp on and off seamlessly with the easy-access chain.

Purchase with Confidence

Light up your home in style with the Easiecom Boho Floor Lamp! We stand behind our products and offer a 45-day return policy, so buy with confidence. Contact our friendly customer support team if any issues arise. Brighten up your space with cozy, decorative lighting. Click Add to Cart Now!


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