DII Variegated Recycled Yarn Modern Edge Stripe Area Rug, 2×3′, Avocado Green



Make a bold sustainable design statement with this chic handwoven stripe area rug from DII. Lovingly handcrafted from 100% recycled yarns in a rich variegated green hue, this eco-friendly rug adds a pop of style and color to any space.

Unique Handwoven Design:
No two rugs are exactly alike thanks to the handmade artisanal construction. The recycled yarn lends each rug a one-of-a-kind variegated striped pattern and texture that works beautifully in modern, farmhouse, boho and transitional spaces.

Durable & eco-friendly:
The rug is woven from durable recycled polyester yarns, giving it a long-lasting build able to withstand daily wear and tear. By choosing recycled materials, this rug saves resources and decreases waste, making it an earth-friendly addition to your home.

Vibrant avocado green color:
From rich emerald tones to light sage hues, the variegated avocado green palette effortlessly complements both warm and cool color schemes. This versatile green makes a statement while still working with a wide range of decor styles.

Perfect medium 2ft x 3ft size:
Measuring 2ft x 3ft, this area rug is ideal for smaller spaces in need of a stylish pop of color. Place it beside a bed, underneath a console table, layer it over carpeting or use it to define a cozy reading nook. The low profile allows furniture legs to slide smoothly over the rug without catching.

Durable & Easy to Clean:
Built to last, this rug will maintain its vibrant color and texture with regular vacuuming. For more thorough cleaning, spot treat stains and spills immediately then air dry the rug before placing it back on the floor. Avoid excessive moisture and harsh chemicals that may damage fibers.

Sustainable & Responsible:
This DII area rug is part of a wider commitment to environmental responsibility. The recycled materials not only reduce waste but also enable artisans to apply their craft sustainably.

Tips for Rug Placement:
– Use a rug pad under the rug for added stability and to prevent color transfer or slipping on smooth floors.
– Allow an extra 2-3 inches of rug space around furniture legs and other obstructions to avoid tripping hazards.
– Rotate your rug every few months to evenly distribute wear from foot traffic and sunlight.

Give your home a dose of eco-chic style with this one-of-a-kind handwoven modern stripe rug from DII. The recycled materials and artisanal quality create a sustainably made accent that instantly elevates any space with its bold pop of green.


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