Daymeet LED Lights for 45-60 inch TVs – RGB Backlighting Strip with Remote and App Control for Immersive Viewing



Transform your home theater experience with the Daymeet LED backlight kit for 45-60 inch TVs. This easy-to-install LED strip lights up the area behind your TV to reduce eye strain and improve your viewing enjoyment.

With over 16 million colors and a variety of lighting modes, this LED strip creates the perfect ambiance for movies, games, sports, and more. Sync the lights to music or let them dance to the beat with the built-in microphone. With the remote or app, you can easily switch between presets like Romance, Relax, Party, and Game Mode.

Key Features:

– RGB 5050 LEDs provide bright, vivid colors with high purity
– 13.1ft strip fits most 45-60 inch TVs
– Built-in mic syncs lights to music and voice
– Remote and app control with 21+ dynamic lighting modes
– Preset modes for gaming, parties, romance, and relaxation
– 16 million colors with adjustable brightness
– Easy peel-and-stick installation

Vibrant RGB Lighting

This strip is loaded with high-quality 5050 RGB LED bulbs to produce stunning colors and visual effects. The dense LEDs provide even, consistent lighting across the entire 13.1ft strip. With 16 million color options, you can create just the right ambiance for any activity or mood. The lights are bright enough to illuminate the wall behind your TV but not so bright as to be distracting or cause glare on the screen.

Music-Sync & Microphone

Built right into the strip is an advanced microphone that detects audio and changes the LED colors based on rhythms, beats, or volumes. Turn on Music Sync mode and the TV lights will pulse and dance along with songs, YouTube videos, sports events, video games, and any other TV audio. You can also use the mic to sync the lights with voices for lively conversations and parties.

Smart Control Options

The LED strip kit includes a 21-button infrared remote so you can easily switch colors, modes, and brightness from the comfort of your seat. For even more control options, connect the lights to the Daymeet app over Bluetooth. The app unlocks advanced scheduling, timers, preset saving, color mixing, and more. Or use the built-in controller box with simple buttons for basic on/off and brightness.

Multiple Lighting Modes

Choose from 21+ dynamic lighting modes to set the perfect mood. Here are some of the most popular options:

Game Mode – Syncs colors with TV audio for immersive gaming
Relax Mode – Calming blues, greens, and purples for relaxation
Romance Mode – Pinks, reds, and magentas for date nights
Party Mode – Fun, high-energy colors for gatherings
Christmas Mode – Classic red and green colors
Custom Modes – Mix your own colors and effects

Easy Installation

Installing the Daymeet TV LED lights takes only minutes with the included adhesive backing. Simply peel off the cover, stick the strip to the back of your TV, and plug it into any USB port. The low-voltage 5V USB powers the lights safely and wirelessly. Hide your unsightly devices like power strips and streaming boxes behind the TV and show off the brilliant LED colors.

Compatible TV Sizes

The 13.1ft strip fits most 45-60 inch TVs, providing ample LED coverage for a dazzling backlight effect. For larger TVs, connect multiple strips together seamlessly. The lights are also perfect for computer monitors, shelves, cabinets, and any area you want to highlight with color-changing lights.

Transform the area behind your TV with the Daymeet LED backlight kit for an immersive home theater. With app and remote control, dynamic lighting modes, built-in music sync, and easy installation, these LED strip lights take your entertainment experience to the next level.


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