Cute and Convenient Lighting for Your Baby’s Nursery



Bring a warm glow into your baby’s nursery with the Baby Night Light 2 Pack. With an adorable pink design, these plug-in LED lights are perfect for your baby girl’s room. The built-in dusk to dawn sensor means you won’t have to worry about manually turning the lights on and off. They will automatically provide soft illumination when it gets dark and turn off when daylight returns.

Adorable Design

The cute pink color and elephant shape give these night lights a charming nursery aesthetic. The lights provide a soft glow that feels comforting yet doesn’t disrupt your little one’s sleep. Place them in outlets near the crib, changing table, rocking chair, or anywhere else your baby spends time in her room. The cute design will blend right in with the rest of the decor.

Auto On/Off Convenience

No more fumbling around in the dark to turn lights on and off in the middle of the night. The built-in light sensor activates the night light’s illumination automatically at dusk and turns it off at dawn. There’s no switches or settings to adjust. Just plug in and enjoy the hassle-free convenience. The auto on/off function also helps save energy by ensuring the light isn’t left on all day.

Customizable Brightness

While some night lights only have one brightness setting, these lights allow you to customize the illumination to your preferences. Choose from settings ranging from 0 to 60 lumens to create the perfect ambiance in your nursery. For middle-of-the-night changings and feedings, use the highest brightness. For all-night soothing glows, select a lower setting. Adjusting the brightness is easy with the dial on the side of the light.

Energy Efficient LED

These night lights utilize LED bulbs that consume very little energy, even at the highest brightness setting. The cutting-edge LED technology maximizes light output while minimizing power consumption. LEDs last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs, so you won’t have to worry about frequently replacing burnt out bulbs. Eco-friendly and cost effective, the LED lights will provide many years of gentle illumination.

Durable Construction

From the outer casing to the internal wiring, these lights are made from premium materials built to withstand daily use. Designed for plugging directly into a standard wall outlet, the lights have sturdy plugs and cords. The plastic housing is shatterproof and the LED bulbs don’t have fragile filaments that can break. Built with your family’s safety in mind, the durable construction ensures these will be a reliable part of your nursery for years.

The Perfect Night Light for Your Baby Girl’s Nursery

Provide the right amount of light for every situation in your baby’s nursery with the Baby Night Light 2 Pack. The cute design, auto on/off sensor, adjustable brightness, energy efficiency, and durable construction make these plug-in LED lights an ideal addition. Not only are they functional, but they also add a decorative flair that complements any decor. Bring one of these charming night lights home for your little one today!

Product Details:

– Set includes 2 pink elephant night lights

– Plug-in design for use in standard wall outlets

– Built-in light sensor activates at dusk, deactivates at dawn

– Adjustable brightness with settings from 0-60 lumens

– LED technology provides soft glow without high energy use

– Durable shatterproof plastic housing

– Ideal for nurseries, bedrooms, hallways, and more

– No batteries required

– For indoor use only

– Pink color complements girls’ room decor

– Cute elephant shape adds fun style

– Great for use as night light or ambient lighting

– Provides warm glow without being too bright

– Long-lasting LEDs don’t require bulb replacements

– Energy efficient lighting helps reduce electricity costs

– Hassle-free auto on/off eliminates the need for switches

– Customize settings to your nursery’s needs

– Reliable lighting gives parents peace of mind

– Built to withstand repeated use

Give your baby girl the perfect lighting with these adorable and convenient night lights!


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