Cuisinel Pre-Seasoned Cast Iron Square Grill Pan with Glass Lid – Ridged Skillet for Grilling and Frying Indoors or Outdoors



Grill with Ease on Your Stovetop or Over an Open Flame

Take your indoor grilling game to the next level with the Cuisinel pre-seasoned cast iron square grill pan. This rugged 10.5 inch ridged skillet allows you to achieve picture-perfect grill marks and sear in flavorful juices when cooking steaks, chops, vegetables, and more.

The heavyweight cast iron construction provides superior heat retention and distribution, allowing you to mimic a backyard barbecue right on your stovetop. Simply preheat the pan over medium-high heat before adding a touch of oil or butter. Then grill up meats, seafood, veggies, paninis, and other foods to perfection.

With its stylish and functional design, this grill pan isn’t an eyesore you’ll want to stash away. Display it on your stove or hang it using the included handle cover. Plus, the square shape maximizes cooking surface while taking up minimal space.

Key Features:

  • Pre-seasoned cast iron construction heats evenly and retains heat for optimal searing
  • Ridged surface leaves authentic grill marks and infuses food with smoky barbecue flavor
  • Oven and broiler safe up to 500°F for versatile indoor cooking
  • Durable design goes from stovetop to open grill without cracking or warping
  • Includes matching glass lid to trap in heat, moisture, and nutrients
  • Handy pan scraper makes cast iron cleanup quick and easy after cooking

Grill Meats, Seafood, Veggies & More with Beautiful Marks

This cast iron grill pan was designed for cooking all your favorite barbecue foods indoors. The ridged cooking surface leaves appetizing sear marks on meats and seals in juices. Get picture perfect grill marks on juicy burgers, bone-in pork chops, chicken breasts, sausages, shrimp skewers, and more.

You can also char and caramelize fruits and veggies like onions, peppers, zucchini, eggplant, and pineapple. Unlike outdoor grilling, you don’t have to worry about smaller pieces falling through the grate. Just keep an eye on thinner foods so they don’t scorch.

From breakfast to dinner, this versatile grill pan handles everything from bacon, eggs, and pancakes to quesadillas, paninis, and grilled cheese. The 10.5 inch size gives you ample cooking space without occupying your whole stovetop or requiring large amounts of oil.

Sear, Sizzle & Simmer Away in Cast Iron

Cast iron is prized for its heat retention and distribution. This grill pan heats gradually but evenly, preventing hot spots that burn food. Once hot, the ridged surface sears in savory barbecue flavor.

Continue cooking with the glass lid to finish foods low and slow. For example, sear chicken or pork chops on high heat before simmering in sauce for tender results. Cast iron retains heat beautifully, so you can start dishes at a higher temp before lowering to a gentle simmer.

Don’t be afraid to pop this grill pan in the oven or under a broiler either. The durable iron withstands temperatures up to 500°F. From stove to oven, this pan has you covered for all sorts of one-pan meals.

Easy to Maintain for Years of Grilling Goodness

While cast iron requires a bit more care than stainless steel or non-stick pans, a little effort goes a long way. This grill pan comes pre-seasoned so you can start cooking right out of the box. As you continue to use it, keep seasoning it with cooking oil to prevent rusting.

After each use, rinse or wipe out any stuck on bits. Dry the pan thoroughly since moisture can damage the seasoning over time. If needed, use the included plastic scraper to remove residue without harming the finish. Avoid harsh detergents or steel wool scrubbers that will wear away the natural patina.

With the proper care, your cast iron grill pan will become naturally non-stick and last for generations. The more you cook and season it, the better it performs. Plus, you can feel good knowing your pan is naturally non-toxic with no chemical coatings.

Grill Happy All Year Round!

Don’t let cold winter weather or limited outdoor space stop you from enjoying deliciously grilled foods. With the Cuisinel pre-seasoned cast iron square grill pan, you can achieve juicy, seared barbecue flavor indoors year-round.

The ridged bottom leaves appetizing sear marks that will make everyone think you cooked over an open flame. Plus, the matching glass lid lets you finish cooking low and slow while locking in moisture.

So pull this functional yet attractive grill pan into your home kitchen rotation. With proper care, it will be searing meats, veggies, and more for many grilling seasons to come.


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