Create a Soothing Ambiance with the EQUSUPRO Flame Fireplace Candle Wax Warmer



Transform any space into a relaxing oasis with the EQUSUPRO Flame Fireplace Candle Wax Warmer. This versatile wax warmer provides multiple lighting options to set the perfect mood while melting wax for incredible aromas.

The flame fireplace design gives the illusion of a cozy fire without worrying about open flames. Choose between a strong, weak, or breathing light setting to simulate a realistic flickering fireplace. The flameless candle wax warmer casts a warm glow to instantly make any room more inviting.

Beyond the aesthetically-pleasing flame effects, this wax melt burner also effectively melts wax cubes and tarts. The 4.3 x 2.9 inch dish provides ample space for multiple cubes or a large wax tart. The dish lifts out for no-mess wax changes and easy cleaning.

Unlike basic wax warmers, this EQUSUPRO model offers superior functionality with 4 timer settings. Keep the wax melting continuously or set the timer for 2, 4, or 8 hours. The auto-shutoff safely turns the warmer off when the time elapses so you can enjoy soothing scents day or night without worry.

The wax warmer and flame light work independently for customized relaxation. Keep the light on for a subtle nightlight or turn it off and let the wax infuse your space with lovely fragrance only. You control the experience.

This electric wax warmer features safe, efficient PTC heating—no bulb required. The 11W power melts wax effectively while maintaining a safe low temperature on the housing. Built to last with quality construction, this wax warmer will provide many years of delightful ambiance enhancement.

EQUSUPRO prioritizes safety, quality, and performance in all of its aromatherapy products. This electric wax melt warmer passed rigorous testing to meet high standards. The durable electrical components ensure stable, consistent heating without overheating or other hazards.

Key Features:

– Realistic flame fireplace design with 3 brightness settings (strong, weak, breathing)

– 4 timer options (continuous, 2hrs, 4hrs, 8hrs) with auto shut-off for safety

– Independent light and melt warm functions allow custom relaxation

– PTC heating evenly warms wax without bulbs or high housing temps

– Durable electrical construction for performance that lasts

– Removable dish for easy wax changes and cleaning

– Safe, low-voltage operation (11W) will not overload circuits

Design a Soothing Space to Decompress

Between work, family, and other obligations, life often feels rushed and stressful. Take time to slow down and reset with a comforting oasis in your own home. The EQUSUPRO wax warmer creates a designated space to clear your mind whether in a bedroom, living room, office, or other space.

The flame fireplace design immediately sets a serene ambiance. The low flickering glow emanates warmth and calm. Simply sit and watch the faux flames dance, leaving the cares of the day behind. Turn the light to the breathing setting to enhance the relaxing vibe.

Enhance the zen atmosphere with your favorite scented wax cubes. Cue up a lavender or vanilla wax melt to infuse your space with soothing aromas. Let the wax warmer quietly fill the air as you read a book, enjoy music, or meditate.

Set the timer for 2-8 hours to keep the scents flowing long enough to transition out of a stressful headspace. The auto shutoff prevents burning wax overnight for safety. By morning, you’ll wake refreshed and ready to tackle another day.

Customize Your Wax Melting Experience

The EQUSUPRO wax warmer caters to your ideal wax melting experience. With independent light and melt functions, personalize the setup to your needs. Here are a few examples:

– Keep both functions on for full fireplace ambiance with scent

– Turn just the light on for a flameless nightlight when sleeping

– Disable the light but keep melting wax if you prefer scent only

– Set the timer for 2 hours to quickly scent the air before company arrives

– Use an 8 hour timer overnight for long-lasting fragrance as you sleep

You’re in complete control. Match the functions to your mood and activities. The options ensure you can make the most of your wax warmer anytime.

High Quality Construction for Performance That Lasts

With many wax warmers, you’re lucky to get a few months before bulbs blow and components stop working properly. The frustration of constant wax warmer issues ruins the relaxing vibe.

Avoid this problem with the durable EQUSUPRO electric wax warmer. The quality electrical construction resists damage from repeated use. It won’t easily crack or warp to cause malfunctions.

The integrated PTC heating element evenly heats the dish without relying on fragile bulbs. PTC heating provides the ideal low-voltage power delivery for safe, efficient wax melting every time.

The housing around the dish stays cool to the touch, preventing accidental burns. Well-designed ventilation circulates heat safely away from the exterior surfaces.

All components undergo rigorous QA testing to meet safety and performance standards. The result is a reliable wax warmer built to enhance your home ambiance for years of continuous use.

Transform Any Space for Pennies a Day

With most electric wax warmers, you’ll be shocked by sky-high electric bills from keeping it running all day. But the EQUSUPRO wax melt warmer won’t take a heavy toll on your wallet.

The low 11W power consumption melts wax economically. Leaving it on for 8 hours costs just pennies a day, even with higher electric rates. Don’t hesitate to use your warmer as much as you want.

Over a month, you may spend a dollar or two at most. That’s inexpensive compared to candles or other flameless fireplace options. Yet it delivers the same calming effects and lovely scents to relax after busy days.

The cost-efficiency makes it easy to outfit multiple rooms for the price of one plug-in wax warmer. Create an oasis in your bedroom, kitchen, office, dorm room, or other spaces. The simple design blends into any decor seamlessly.

Experience Flameless Ambiance with EQUSUPRO

Don’t settle for a basic wax warmer that only gets the job done. The EQUSUPRO Flame Fireplace Candle Warmer creates an immersive experience through sight, sound, and scent. Custom lighting and melting settings let you tailor the setup to your needs for superior relaxation and home ambiance.

With rugged construction that lasts, you’ll enjoy this flame fireplace wax warmer for years as a reliable fixture for daily renewal. Transform your space affordably and easily. Click add to cart now to receive your EQUSUPRO wax warmer!


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