Craft Restaurant-Quality Rolled Omelets at Home with the DXBVIEX Japanese Tamagoyaki Pan Set



Take your omelet game to the next level with the DXBVIEX tamagoyaki pan set. This 9-piece Japanese egg pan set has everything you need to make picture-perfect rolled omelets and other flattened egg dishes in your own kitchen.

The lightweight aluminum pan conducts heat evenly and features a premium nonstick coating that prevents sticking and allows easy cleanup. The rectangular shape and compact 7.6 x 5.7 inch size gives you the ideal vessel for rolling up tender layers of egg.

Cook Like a Pro Chef

Tamagoyaki is a popular Japanese omelet featuring thin layers of cooked egg rolled into a log shape. It takes skill to master but this special pan set makes it easy. Use the included chopsticks and spatula to gently roll the eggs without tearing the layers. The small size allows you to cook a single-serving rolled omelet or make several in batches.

The versatile pan also excels at Korean egg sandwiches, making crepes, or folding omelet wraps. Fry an egg flat then top it with smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce for a refined brunch dish. With a little practice, you’ll be whipping up Instagram-worthy rolled omelets that look like they came fresh from a Tokyo cafe.

Even Heating for Perfect Results

The heavy-gauge aluminum body ensures your egg mixture cooks slowly and evenly. Unlike traditional round frying pans, the rectangular shape gives you the right surface to roll your omelet onto itself.

The premium nonstick coating prevents sticking, burning, and mess. Food slides right out allowing the layers to remain intact. Cleaning up after breakfast is a breeze – just wipe out or hand wash.

Complete Premium Pan Set

This all-in-one tamagoyaki kit comes with:

– 1 Japanese omelet pan
– 1 lid
– 1 nylon spatula
– 1 silicone brush
– 1 pair wooden chopsticks
– 1 wooden fork
– 1 wooden spoon
– 1 melamine plate
– 1 drawstring bag for storage

You get everything required for making rolled omelets and other egg dishes. The protective lid helps cook the top faster. Use the brush to grease the pan and the utensils to handle the delicate eggs. The included plate is perfect for serving up your freshly made tamagoyaki!

Use on All Stovetops

The durable pan is designed for all cooking surfaces including induction, electric, gas, and halogen stovetops. Rolled omelets are a fixture of Japanese home cooking – now you can recreate this flavorful dish in your own kitchen.

For mess-free omelets, pancakes, and crepes turn to the DXBVIEX tamagoyaki pan set. Master the art of tamagoyaki with the right tools designed specifically for making thin, layered omelets.

Craft Restaurant-Quality Egg Dishes at Home!

The DXBVIEX Tamagoyaki Pan Set equips you with everything required for making rolled omelets with ease. The special Japanese egg pan Shape and nonstick surface help you achieve flawless egg layers every time. Cook authentic Japanese cuisine with this high-quality tamagoyaki pan set.


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