Cozy Comfort All Winter – Portable 1500W Ceramic Space Heater with Remote



Stay cozy even in the coldest weather with this 1500W portable space heater. Using advanced PTC ceramic heating and high-speed fan, it quickly infuses rooms up to 200 sq ft with soothing warmth in just seconds.

Customize your comfort with precise temperature control, timer settings, and oscillation to heat any spot efficiently. Whisper-quiet operation and comprehensive safety features also let you relax in peace. Experience premium warmth this winter with minimal energy costs.

Rapid 2-Second Heating for Instant Warmth

Why wait around shivering for your space heater to slowly warm up? This 1500W model utilizes cutting-edge heating technology to fill chilly rooms with welcoming heat in just 2 seconds.

The high-speed DC motor fan then circulates warm air outwards in a 90° oscillation pattern that reaches every corner. No more frigid spots or drafts – say goodbye to goosebumps and chattering teeth!

Portable and lightweight, this ceramic heater provides targeted heating so you stay cozy whether working in your home office, lounging in the living room, or catching up on sleep in the bedroom.

Precise Temperature Control for Customized Comfort

Finding your ideal temperature is a breeze with this heater’s adjustable thermostat and precise 1°F increments. Choose your perfect heat setting anywhere from 41°F to 95°F.

The ECO mode optimizes efficiency by using just enough power to maintain the set temperature, while High mode provides maximum 1500W heating to quickly fight off winter’s chill.

Give every room an instant blast of heat, then switch to ECO mode for affordable comfort that keeps you and your family warm all season long.

Safety You Can Trust

Safety comes first with integrated protection features that give you peace of mind. This heater is ETL-certified and built from flame-retardant V0 materials to prevent fire risks.

The sensitive tilt-detection sensor acts faster than other heaters to immediately shut off the device if tipped over accidentally. It also has overheating protection that turns the heater off if temperatures exceed the limit.

Let kids and pets roam worry-free and stop stressing about safety hazards. Relax knowing this portable heater has you covered.

Hassle-Free Operation

Tired of fussing with confusing controls? This heater simplifies operation with an easy-to-use touchscreen and included remote for adjusting settings from your seat.

The integrated 12-hour timer lets you program the heater to match your schedule. Set it to shut off automatically after you fall asleep or power off when away to prevent energy waste.

Memory function even recalls your last used temperature and mode, toggling back on with your preferred settings. Stay warm your way without any complications.

Quiet Enough for Peaceful Relaxation

Silence is golden, especially when trying to read, work, or drift off to sleep. This whisper-quiet heater operates at noise levels as low as 40dB, quieter than a library.

The natural convection heating design eliminates noisy fans, providing gentle warmth that doesn’t disturb your activities. Its slim, lightweight body also tucks away discreetly.

Get cozy without the racket or distraction of loud heaters. This model provides the hushed warmth you need to concentrate, unwind, and rest easy.

Conveniently Portable

Toting bulky heaters from room to room is a hassle. This model sets up in seconds wherever needed thanks to a clever integrated carry handle at the back.

Weighing only 2.2 lbs, its compact 6.85” x 5.71” x 7.64” frame packs easily into the included bag for storage and transport between home, office, or travel destinations.

No more lugging around annoying cords either – the heater plugs in securely and operates cordless. Save your back and stop struggling with fixed heat.

Energy Efficient & Eco-Friendly

Save money this winter on utility bills with cost-effective operation. The Energy Star-rated PTC ceramic heating element maximizes heat production while using minimal electricity.

FAN-only mode blows warming air currents without any power-draining heat, and ECO mode maintains set temps efficiently. Cut energy costs and your carbon footprint!

This heater is also free of mercury, cadmium, and lead. The stay-cool housing prevents accidental burns for safer use, and auto shut-off prevents fire risks if tipped over.

Enjoy Customized Warmth

Don’t let winter’s bite leave you shivering in your own home! Take control of your indoor heating with this smart ceramic space heater.

Power through frosty nights with instant adjustable warmth at your fingertips. Give the gift of cozy comfort to yourself or loved ones this season.


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