Clean the Air in Your Personal Oasis with the Clorox Tabletop Air Purifier



Your home is your sanctuary. It’s the place you go to relax, recharge, and retreat from the stresses of everyday life. But unfortunately, unseen irritants like pollen, pet dander, mold spores, and dust mites can turn your haven into a source of discomfort. Take control over the air you breathe with the Clorox Tabletop Air Purifier.

Advanced True HEPA Filtration Captures 99.97% of Microscopic Particulates

At the heart of this small but mighty air purifier is an advanced True HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 microns. That means it traps and contains microscopic allergens and irritants that can trigger asthma, allergies, and other respiratory issues. The 360° design pulls air from all directions through the dual-layer filter, cleaning your air up to 5 times per hour in rooms up to 80 sq. ft. and 2 times per hour in rooms up to 200 sq. ft.

2-Stage Filtration System

The innovative 2-stage filtration system starts with a prefilter that catches large particles like dust, pet hair, and dander. Then the hospital-grade True HEPA filter captures the smallest particles that pass through the prefilter. This includes pollen, mold spores, bacteria, viruses, and other microscopic allergens.

Whisper-Quiet Operation Helps You Rest Easy

The Clorox Tabletop Air Purifier features three fan speeds so you can customize it to your needs. But if you operate it in your bedroom, you’ll appreciate the whisper-quiet low speed that allows you to sleep soundly without noise disturbance. The adjustable night light lets you control the amount of illumination.

Compact Size Fits Perfectly in Smaller Spaces

Measuring only 7.5 x 7.5 x 12 inches, this petite air purifier doesn’t take up much real estate. It’s ideal for use in smaller rooms like offices, dorm rooms, nurseries, and more. The neutral white color blends into any decor, so you can deploy it in the main living spaces or tuck it away inconspicuously in a corner.

Intuitive Controls and Optional Timer

The touch controls are simple to operate. Choose your desired fan speed, set the timer if you wish, and power it on. The optional timer lets you select 2, 4 or 8 hours of continuous operation before it automatically shuts off. This allows you to run it precisely when you need it most to conserve energy.

Genuine Replacement Filters Help Maintain Performance

To keep your Clorox Tabletop Air Purifier running at peak performance, be sure to replace the filter every 6-12 months. Search for Clorox 12020 Tabletop Replacement Filter to get the genuine replacement with the same True HEPA filtration that captures 99.97% of particles.

Rest Easy Knowing the Air is Clean

When you can’t see or smell pollution in the air, it’s easy to think your indoor air is clean. But often, unseen and odorless particulates are lurking, causing health issues and disrupting your comfort. The Clorox Tabletop Air Purifier gives you peace of mind, removing up to 99.97% of airborne pollutants so you can breathe clean indoor air. Give your lungs a break and create a personal oasis, free from irritants that can make your home feel more like a hostile environment.

Product Details:

  • Captures 99.97% of particles as small as 0.1 microns such as pollen, pet dander, mold, viruses, and more
  • 2-stage filtration with prefilter and True HEPA filter
  • 360° air intake pulls from all directions
  • Cleans rooms up to 80 sq. ft. 5x per hour, up to 200 sq. ft. 2x per hour
  • Ultra-quiet operation perfect for bedrooms
  • Small footprint takes up minimal space
  • 3 fan speeds to customize air purification
  • Optional 2, 4, or 8 hour timer
  • Adjustable night light: bright, dim, or off
  • Replace filter every 6-12 months for optimal performance

The Clorox Tabletop Air Purifier is your go-to solution for cleaner indoor air and relief from allergens and irritants. Its compact size and whisper-quiet operation make it easy to deploy in any room. Reduce allergy symptoms, fend off viruses, and create a personal respite with clean, healthy air. Breathe easier with advanced air purification from Clorox.


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