Bring Vintage Charm to Your Outdoor Decor with FAICOIA Artificial Geraniums



Add a nostalgic touch of vintage garden beauty to your outdoor living areas with FAICOIA Artificial Geraniums. These remarkably realistic faux geraniums capture the lush, romantic style of old-fashioned gardens. The vibrant red blooms and full, bushy foliage look just like living geraniums but without the work!

Vintage-Inspired Style for Outdoor Spaces

Red geraniums evoke nostalgic memories of charming cottage gardens and quaint backyard cutting gardens. Their lush, full shape and bright red blooms were staples in vintage flower gardens. FAICOIA Artificial Geraniums let you recreate that old-fashioned garden charm with realistic faux plants that bring vintage flair to modern outdoor spaces.

Perfect for Porch, Patio and Yard Decor

Place these artificial geranium bushes in containers on your front porch or backyard patio. Use them as accent plants in garden beds and landscape borders. Add them to window boxes, planters and hanging baskets. These versatile faux geraniums allow you to decorate your outdoor living areas with vintage flower garden style easily.

Realistic Details Fool the Eye

These artificial geraniums look amazingly real at first glance! Each bushy plant has 18 bright red bloom heads emerging from lush, full foliage. The delicate layered petals, lifelike leaves and natural color capture the beauty of real geraniums. Friends will think you have a green thumb!

Hardy Faux Flowers for Outdoor Display

FAICOIA Artificial Geraniums are designed to withstand outdoor conditions beautifully without wilting or fading. The silk flowers and UV-resistant plastic foliage stay vibrant in sun, rain, heat and cold. Just rinse to refresh occasionally. Perfect for porches, patios, decks, gazebos and garden beds.

Easy to Arrange and Decorate With

Create charming floral arrangements easily using these artificial geranium bushes. The bending stems and posable branches let you shape appealing, natural looking displays. Arrange them with other faux or dried flowers for seasonal porch pots and planters that require zero maintenance!

Perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July & Summer

Red geraniums are a traditional choice for summer holiday decor. Dress up your Memorial Day, 4th of July or Labor Day decorating with these nostalgic artificial geraniums. Use them to fill out Americana-themed wreaths, centerpieces, urns and planters. Their old-fashioned vibes fit right in with summer celebrations.

Enjoy the Beauty of Geraniums Year-Round

Since these lifelike faux geraniums are permanent botanicals, you can enjoy their bright, happy color and lush floral form year-round. Avoid the hassle of replanting real geraniums each season and just refresh your permanent flowers when needed. It’s an easy way to decorate with flower garden charm all year long!

Simple to Clean and Maintain

No deadheading, watering or repotting required with these carefree artificial geraniums! Just wipe the silk flowers clean of dust occasionally and wash the plastic foliage as needed. It takes minimal effort to keep these faux plants looking freshly picked. Just the occasional rinse will revive them.

Add Charming Vintage Style to Indoor Decor Too

The nostalgic beauty of FAICOIA Artificial Geraniums isn’t just for outdoor spaces! Place them in indoor planters or pots to bring a touch of old-fashioned garden allure to tables, bookshelves, counters and more. Their welcoming vintage vibe works indoors too.


– Set includes 2 artificial geranium bushes.

– Each bush has 9 flower heads for a total of 18 blooms.

– Flowers measure 4.5 inches wide.

– Bushes measure 17.7 inches tall and 14 inches wide.

– UV resistant blooms and plastic foliage.

– Posable branches for easy shaping and arranging.

Create Charming Floral Displays with Vintage Garden Allure

FAICOIA Artificial Geraniums are a wonderful way to decorate your outdoor living areas with nostalgic cottage garden style. Their lush, full look and bright red blooms capture the beauty of geraniums in full flower without any work. Give your porch, patio, deck or yard a touch of old-fashioned flower garden charm!


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