Boost Iron Intake Naturally with the Original Lucky Iron Fish



The Original Lucky Iron Fish is a simple yet innovative cooking tool that provides a natural and effective way to add iron to your diet. Designed to be reused for years, the Lucky Iron Fish releases iron into liquid-based foods and beverages, helping prevent iron deficiency in a safe and sustainable way.

Why Choose the Lucky Iron Fish?

Clinically Tested and Proven Effective

Unlike imitation products, the Lucky Iron Fish is backed by years of published clinical research proving its ability to increase iron levels. Made from the highest quality food-grade iron, it has gone through rigorous quality and safety testing to ensure it meets global standards. The Lucky Iron Fish safely provides 6-8mg of highly absorbable iron with each use – just what you need to meet your daily needs.

Convenient and Easy to Use

Using the Lucky Iron Fish couldn’t be simpler! Just add it to any liquid-based food or drink while cooking or soaking to infuse it with iron. Drop it in water, teas, smoothies, oatmeal, soups, curries, and more. It’s the easy, fuss-free way to add a vital mineral into your daily diet.

Reusable for Years

The unique patented iron formulation allows the Lucky Iron Fish to be reused consistently for up to 5 years. That’s around 1,800 uses! Much more economical and eco-friendly than supplements or fortified foods, one Lucky Iron Fish can benefit your whole family.

No Harsh Side Effects

While iron supplements often cause constipation, nausea and other unpleasant symptoms, the Lucky Iron Fish provides iron gently. The amount of iron it adds fits into your normal absorption rates, avoiding side effects. Plus, it contains only one simple, natural ingredient – iron. No added preservatives, additives or toxins.

Ideal for Those Prone to Deficiency

Populations prone to iron deficiency can benefit the most from using the Lucky Iron Fish regularly. It’s perfect for those who menstruate, pregnant people, vegetarians/vegans, young children, athletes and more. Talk to your healthcare provider to see if the Lucky Iron Fish is suitable for your needs.

How Does the Lucky Iron Fish Work?

The high purity iron reacts with liquid to release ferrous iron ions, which are the most bioavailable and easily absorbed form of iron. Within just 10 minutes of soaking, significant levels of iron leech into the liquid. The longer it soaks, the more iron is released, up to a maximum of around 8mg.

While harmless, iron can oxidize and rust over time. To care for your Lucky Iron Fish, give it a occasional scrub with soap and lemon juice, rinse thoroughly and apply a thin coat of Lucky Iron Fish oil (sold separately). Letting it air dry or sit wet can lead to rusting. With proper care, your Fish can last for years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Lucky Iron Fish safe?

Yes! It has undergone extensive safety testing and meets food-grade iron standards. The iron source is highly pure and contains no toxins, additives or preservatives.

How much iron does it add?

When used properly, it adds around 6-8mg of iron per use. This is the ideal amount for most people to meet their recommended daily intake, absorbed gently over hours.

Can men use it too?

Absolutely! While women are more prone to deficiency, men can also benefit from the extra iron. It’s safe and beneficial for the whole family.

Will it rust quickly?

With proper care by washing, drying thoroughly and applying protective oil, your Lucky Iron Fish should last 5 years or longer without rusting through. Be sure not to let it sit wet.

Is it better than iron pills?

For many people, yes! The Lucky Iron Fish provides better absorbed iron without the high dose side effects pills can cause. It also eliminates the need to remember a daily supplement.

Make a Positive Impact

As a proud BCorp, Lucky Iron Fish is committed to using business as a force for good. A portion of each sale goes into their impact investment fund, which provides iron nutrition programs to high-risk communities around the world. Each Fish sold helps create positive change!

Pick up a Lucky Iron Fish today for a simple, safe and sustainable way to add iron to your diet!


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