BEWBBAT Free Standing Umbrella Organizer Rack for Wet Umbrellas – Rustproof Metal Bin Holds Long & Short Handles



Tired of dealing with wet, dripping umbrellas leaving puddles on your floor? Introducing the BEWBBAT Free Standing Umbrella Organizer Rack, the elegant solution for organizing and drying wet umbrellas indoors. This versatile umbrella stand bin keeps your entryway tidy while allowing umbrellas to drip-dry.

The BEWBBAT umbrella rack is crafted from sturdy iron with a rustproof white paint finish that helps resist corrosion and rust. Measuring 17 inches tall with a 7 inch diameter, this compact umbrella holder provides ample space for 4-5 full size umbrellas while taking up minimal floor space. The open metal design promotes airflow so umbrellas dry quickly.

Three built-in hooks hold additional short, folding umbrellas upright and out of the way. The BEWBBAT holder works with all types of umbrellas thanks to the generously sized bin and hooks that accommodate both long and short handles. Plus, the elegant flower hollow pattern design adds flair while allowing maximum air circulation for fast drying.

This free standing umbrella stand rack provides a convenient storage solution for wet umbrellas in any indoor location. Place it in an entryway, mudroom, hallway, garage, office lobby, dorm room, or commercial building for tidier storage that contains drips and speeds up drying compared to leaning umbrellas against a wall or laying them on the floor.

Benefits & Uses:

– Rustproof metal construction with white paint finish resists corrosion
– Large 17″ h x 7″ diameter bin holds 4-5 regular umbrellas
– Built-in hooks secure additional short/folding umbrellas
– Promotes airflow to expedite drying of wet umbrellas
– Freestanding design provides tidy, drip-free umbrella storage
– Ideal for entryways, offices, lobbies, dorms, and more
– Flower hollow pattern adds elegance and allows ample air circulation
– Durable iron material for longevity and stability
– Compact footprint takes up minimal floor space

No More Umbrella Messes

Have you ever come home on a rainy day, put down a wet umbrella, and forgotten about it? The result is often a slippery puddle on the floor. The BEWBBAT umbrella stand contains these messy drips so you don’t have to worry.

The generous bin accommodates multiple full size and folding umbrellas, allowing them to drip-dry over the container rather than your floors. No more mopping up puddles or slipping on slick floors after forgetting about wet umbrellas!

Fast Drying Design

Wet umbrellas drying in a heap on the floor can create a humid mess. The BEWBBAT organizer rack wicks moisture away faster thanks to its hollow metal design that allows continuous airflow.

The open bin and hooks encourage ventilation to prevent musty odors and excess moisture. Umbrellas will dry quicker than being sandwiched together on the floor. The white finish also helps reflect light to speed up evaporation.

Compact Storage Solution

This space-saving umbrella stand neatly corrals umbrellas without taking up much room. The 17 inch height and 7 inch diameter footprint allow it to fit in small entryways, corners, or other tight spaces in your home or office.

The BEWBBAT holder eliminates the need for an unsightly pile of wet umbrellas on the floor or messy corner. It organizes umbrellas upright to keep them contained and optimize floor space. Declutter your space with this all-in-one wet umbrella solution!

Versatile Organization For More Than Just Umbrellas

While it’s specially designed to organize wet umbrellas, the BEWBBAT holder doesn’t stop there. Its hooks and open bin design also work great for:

– Walking canes
– Hiking sticks
– Lacrosse or hockey sticks
– Folding/compact chairs
– Wrapping paper rolls
– Yoga mats
– Crafting poster boards
– And more!

Get creative with this versatile organization piece. Any item that can lean or hang works perfectly.

Durable & Rustproof For Years of Use

Built to last, the sturdy iron construction and rust-resistant white paint ensures the BEWBBAT umbrella stand withstands daily use. It won’t chip, peel, or corrode like cheap plastic bins.

The powdercoated finish prevents rust even when storing wet objects. Non-slip foot pads also keep the base stable so it won’t tip over if bumped. With quality materials and a stable design, this umbrella organizer remains looking new for many years.

For a clutter-free entryway that neatly contains wet umbrellas, the BEWBBAT Free Standing Umbrella Organizer Rack is an elegant storage solution. Order today to say goodbye to umbrella messes!


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