Bazova 16.5″ Cast Aluminum 2 Burner Nonstick Stove Top Griddle with 2 in 1 Combo Cooking Surface



Take your indoor griddling game to the next level with the Bazova 16.5″ Cast Aluminum 2 Burner Nonstick Stove Top Griddle. This extra large 2-in-1 combo cooking surface gives you the versatility to cook a wide variety of breakfast, lunch, and dinner favorites all in one pan.

One side features a flat, smooth surface that’s perfect for cooking pancakes, eggs, quesadillas, grilled sandwiches, and more. The other side has a ribbed grilling surface ideal for searing juicy steaks, chops, burgers, and vegetables to get those beautiful grill marks.

The spacious 16.5” x 12” cooking area and dual integrated burners allow you to cook enough food at one time to feed the whole family or a crowd. Make pancakes on one side while you grill up bacon or sausage on the other. Or have one person cook eggs while another sears a couple of steaks. The possibilities are endless with this 2 burner griddle combo.

Superior Nonstick Performance

Cooking and cleanup are effortless thanks to the Bazova’s superior granite nonstick coating that evenly distributes heat and provides excellent food release. Foods slide right off the surface, so flipping is a breeze. And the nonstick holds up incredibly well, resisting scratches and wear.

The durable nonstick is PFOA, PFOS, lead, and cadmium-free, so you can cook with confidence knowing you’re protecting your health.

Durable Cast Aluminum Construction

A heavy-duty cast aluminum body gives this griddle excellent heating performance, while also being much lighter than traditional cast iron. The thick, conductive metal heats up rapidly and retains heat evenly during cooking. This allows you to develop those coveted sear marks on meats for professional results.

Cast aluminum is also highly durable to withstand years of regular cooking and griddling. And this griddle features an extra thick base to prevent warping.

Designed for Any Stove Top

This 2 burner griddle is designed to work on any cooktop – gas, electric, induction – so you can take your griddling experience anywhere. An extended stainless steel base ensures excellent stability and contact with induction cooktops for fast, even heating.

The integrated handles stay cool while cooking for safe maneuvering. And the rear pouring spouts allow grease drainage without taking the griddle off the stove.

Other design features like the grease catch around the perimeter help minimize messy splatters during cooking.

Quick, Simple Cleanup

Thanks to the superior nonstick, foods release easily from the cooking surface so there’s less stuck-on residue to scrub. And the Bazova griddle is conveniently dishwasher safe, taking the hassle out of cleanup.

For best results, hand wash with a soft sponge and mild detergent. Avoid abrasive scouring pads. Then dry thoroughly after each use for lasting nonstick performance.

Grill Indoors or Outdoors, Year-Round

The Bazova 2 burner griddle transitions seamlessly from stovetop to backyard barbecue, so you can enjoy diner-style grilled foods anytime. The ribbed side gives you those coveted grill marks during warmer months. And the flat side cooks up hot sandwiches, pancakes, and more all winter long.

This grill is also perfect for camping trips and tailgates. The integrated handles make transport easy, and the dual burners allow you to cook full meals outdoors faster. Cleanup is a cinch when you’re off the grid too thanks to the superior nonstick.

Unmatched Versatility

With two surfaces in one and a spacious cooking area, the possibilities are endless with the Bazova griddle:

– Pancakes, eggs, and bacon for breakfast
– Grilled cheese sandwiches and quesadillas for lunch
– Juicy burgers and caramelized veggies for dinner
– Sear meat while also cooking sides at the same time
– Cook indoors or outdoors year-round
– Tailgate and camp with less hassle
– Flat side for even heating and cooking
– Ribbed side to get grill marks
– Nonstick for easy cooking and quick cleanup
– Durable cast aluminum base retains heat
– Extra thick to prevent warping
– Stainless steel base for induction cooking
– Rear spouts for grease pouring
– Stay-cool handles for safe maneuvering

With superior nonstick, versatile surfaces, and features to make cooking and cleaning a cinch, the Bazova 2 Burner Griddle takes griddling to the next level. Get grill marks and hard sears along with perfectly cooked pancakes, eggs, quesadillas and more all from one extra large cast aluminum griddle.


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