Bayou Classic SQ14 Outdoor Patio Stove with 41,000 BTU Cast Aluminum Burner



Bring the joy of outdoor cooking to your patio or backyard with the Bayou Classic SQ14 outdoor stove. This rugged and powerful stove allows you to cook like a pro with features like the high BTU cast aluminum burner, sturdy welded steel frame, and adjustable regulator.

Powerful 41,000 BTU Burner

The heart of this outdoor stove is the heavy-duty cast aluminum burner that puts out an impressive 41,000 BTUs of cooking power. That’s more than enough heat to quickly boil water or sear a steak. The 6-inch diameter burner is elegantly designed with a star-shaped flame spreader to ensure even heating across the entire 16-inch cooking surface.

Spacious 16-Inch Cooking Surface

The 16-inch square cooking surface gives you plenty of room to cook for a crowd. Use stockpots up to 12 inches wide or arrange multiple pans at once. The durable porcelain-coated steel grate is sturdy enough to handle heavy cookware. From steaming lobster to frying fish, this outdoor stove has the space to cook all your favorites.

Steady & Stable Welded Steel Frame

Constructed from welded steel, the frame on this patio stove provides a solid and steady foundation for convenient outdoor cooking. The frame is finished with a heat-resistant black powder coating that prevents rusting. At 13.25 inches tall, the stove puts your cooktop at a comfortable height.

Precise Temperature Control

This outdoor stove includes a 5 PSI adjustable regulator that allows you to precisely control the heat output. Turn it up to quickly bring a pot of water to a rolling boil. Or dial it down to gently simmer a homemade marinara sauce. The regulator help prevents unexpected flare-ups that can burn your food.

Safe & Secure LPG Connection

Hooking up a propane tank is made safe and easy with the included 36-inch stainless steel braided LPG hose and regulator. The durable hose resists kinks and damage from weather and UV rays. And the CGA-510 connection uses a threaded seal, rather than a simple friction fit, for a secure gas connection every time.

Versatile Outdoor Cooking

This patio stove is designed for versatile outdoor cooking options:

  • Boil crawfish, lobster, or corn on the cob
  • Fry catfish, hushpuppies, or fritters
  • Sear juicy burgers, dogs, or steaks
  • Simmer homemade sauces, jambalaya, or etouffee
  • Steam fresh-caught shrimp or snow crab
  • Prepare stir frys, fajitas, or breakfast hashes

Whether you’re hosting a crawfish boil for family or searing up fresh catches for the neighborhood, this burner has the power to cook dishes with ease.

Quality Construction

Made by Bayou Classic, a leading brand in outdoor cooking equipment, this patio stove exemplifies rugged durability and functionality. It’s constructed from quality materials like cast aluminum, porcelain-coated steel, and stainless steel. The result is a stove that’s built to last season after season.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Keeping this outdoor stove looking great is easy thanks to the simple steel construction and removable drip tray. The drip tray slides out to empty grease or food debris. Then just wipe down the surfaces with a cloth and some soapy water as needed. It’s recommended to cover your stove when not in use.

This patio stove ships assembled and ready to use with minimal setup. Just find a level spot, connect your propane tank, and start cooking! We also recommend keeping a fire extinguisher handy any time you use an open flame.

Get the Backyard Chef Experience

Grilling out is fun, but it limits what you can cook. With the versatile 16-inch cooking surface and powerful burner on this patio stove, you can truly unlock your creativity outside. If you want restaurant-worthy meals from your own backyard, this outdoor stove is just what you need.

Connect with family and friends while preparing fresh seafood, simmering homemade pasta sauce, frying up weekend brunch, and more. The Bayou Classic outdoor stove turns your patio into the ultimate backyard chef’s kitchen.
Order today and be ready to cook your next meal outside!


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