Amyove Practical 4-in-1 Black Hall Tree Coat Rack with Shoe Bench, Shelf and Hooks – Maximize Your Entryway Storage



Tired of the clutter in your entryway? Searching for a handy furniture piece to corral the chaos? Look no further than the Amyove 4-in-1 hall tree coat rack. This versatile black coat rack is designed to maximize your entryway storage and give you an organized space to greet your home.

Crafted from sturdy wood with a durable steel frame, this hall tree coat rack combines functionality and style. The practical top shelf provides a place to store hats, bags, and other items when you first walk in the door. No more fishing around for your belongings – keep them handy right on the shelf. Underneath, 10 rust-resistant C-shaped hooks line up neatly in two rows, allowing you to hang coats, jackets, scarves, and more. The hooks accommodate garments and bags of varying sizes and weights.

The real star of the show is the built-in shoe storage bench, which offers you and your family a place to sit when taking shoes on and off. The sturdy bench supports up to 350 pounds so you can rest easy. The open shoe rack shelf below the bench provides organized storage for shoes – no more haphazard piles here! Just slide off your shoes and slide them back into a designated spot.

Assembly is easy with included numbered parts and instructions. All necessary hardware and tools are also provided. Once assembled, this multifunctional black hall tree measures 47.2” x 17.7” x 72”, fitting perfectly in narrow entryways without dominating the space.

Add stability and safety with the included anti-tip kit by attaching securely to a wall. For indoor use only. Avoid placing in areas of high humidity or temperature fluctuations. Not suitable for commercial use.

With its clever 4-in-1 design, the Amyove hall tree coat rack is ready to tackle your entryway clutter in style. No longer will you come home to a mess of coats, bags, hats, and shoes strewn about! This storage solution helps you keep everything in its place so you can enjoy an organized, stylish entryway.


  • 4-in-1 functionality combines a shelf, hooks, bench, and shoe rack
  • Practical shelf provides storage for hats, bags, pet leashes, and other items
  • 10 sturdy C-shaped hooks neatly store coats, jackets, scarves, and bags
  • Shoe bench accommodates up to 350 lbs for safe, stable seating
  • Open shoe rack tidies up shoe piles in one organized spot
  • Made from wood and steel for durability and longevity
  • Fits perfectly in entryways without overwhelming the space
  • Easy assembly with included tools, hardware, and numbered parts
  • Anti-tip kit increases stability and safety
  • 4-in-1 design tackles entryway clutter in style

Use this hall tree coat rack to:

  • Organize coats, bags, shoes, and belongings in one spot
  • Maximize storage potential of previously underutilized entryway space
  • Provide designated storage to eliminate front door messes
  • Create an easy drop zone for coming and going
  • Give your family a place to sit while taking off/putting on shoes
  • Reduce time spent searching for misplaced items
  • Minimize closet overcrowding by storing items on hooks and shelf
  • Avoid tripping hazards from piled up shoes and clutter
  • Free up floor space by utilizing vertical storage
  • Simplify getting ready to go out with all items in one place


  • Multifunction Design: Shelf, hooks, bench, and shoe rack combined into one space-saving furniture piece
  • Practical Top Shelf: Provides storage for hats, bags, pet leashes and more right when you enter
  • 10 Rust-Resistant Metal C-Hooks: Neatly store coats, jackets, scarves and bags of different sizes
  • Shoe Bench: Gives you a place to sit while taking shoes on/off, holds up to 350 lbs
  • Open Shoe Rack: Organizes messy piles of shoes in designated spots
  • Sturdy Materials: Constructed from wood and steel for longevity
  • Space-Saving: Perfect for narrow entryways at 47.2″ x 17.7″ x 72″
  • Easy Assembly: Numbered parts and included tools for quick installation
  • Safety: Anti-tip kit secures to wall for stability
  • Organized Entryway: Keeps coats, shoes, and belongings tidy in their spots

Take advantage of the vertical storage potential in your entrance with the space-saving Amyove 4-in-1 hall tree coat rack. The shelf, hooks, bench, and shoe rack combine to create one organized entryway station. Reduce clutter, simplify your comings and goings, and give your family a spot to sit and get ready comfortably. This multifunctional furniture piece brings both storage and style to maximize your space. Order the Amyove hall tree coat rack today to enjoy an organized, clutter-free entryway at last!


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