6-Cube Closet Storage Organizer Cabinet Bookcase for Bedroom, Bathroom



Maximize your closet, bedroom, office, or dorm storage potential with this space-saving 6-cube storage organizer. The modular cube design allows for limitless storage configurations to suit your needs.

Versatile Modular Storage

This storage organizer includes 6 cube units that can be arranged in whatever shape best fits your space. Popular configurations include:

– Stacked vertically like a narrow bookshelf or wardrobe

– Arranged in a 2×3 cube square as a room divider

– Built as a pyramid shape for a unique display shelf

– Aligned horizontally as under-bed storage

– Separated and used as individual nightstands or end tables

With 6 cubes, each measuring 11.8″ x 11.8″ x 11.8″, you can create a custom storage solution for clothing, toiletries, books, toys, craft supplies, and more. Easily access stored items by removing whichever cube you need.

Durable Construction

This organizer system is crafted using high-quality materials for long-lasting use. Each cube shelf features:

– Sturdy powder coated steel frame
– Durable polyethylene plastic panels
– Reliable ABS resin connectors with multilayer locking design

The metal frame provides reinforcement while the plastic panels stay lightweight. Connectors click securely into place and hold firm under loading.

Holds Up to 15 lbs Per Cube

Though lightweight, these storage cubes are remarkably strong. Each individual cube can hold up to 15 pounds of contents evenly distributed.

Organize books, folders, bathroom accessories, craft supplies, folded clothing, shoes, toys, and anything else you need to store. The modular design also makes cleaning easy – just remove cubes as needed to dust inside the unit.

Simple 5-Minute Assembly

Assembly is quick and easy thanks to the slide-together design. Simply slide the coated metal rods through the holes in the corners of the plastic panels and connect each cube to the next at the corner joints using the ABS resin connectors.

Lock all panels securely into the deepest layer of the connectors to ensure maximum stability in the finished piece. All necessary hardware is included along with an illustrated instruction manual for guidance. No tools needed!

Sleek Modern Design

This storage organizer features a versatile modern design in an attractive black color to coordinate with any decor. The minimalist cubes can be arranged in endless configurations to suit your needs.

Use in the closet, bathroom, laundry room, playroom, dorm room, office, garage, under the bed, and anywhere else you need some storage! The modular cubes can be stacked, rotated, and moved around as needed.

Get Organized Today

Don’t let clutter take over your home! This 6-cube storage solution makes it easy to organize clothes, linens, toys, toiletries, office supplies, tools, and anything else that needs a place.

Assembly takes just minutes and the configuration possibilities are endless. Mix and match cubes to create custom organizers that maximize every inch of available space.


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