2 Pack 1.1 Gallon Square Super Wide Mouth Airtight Glass Storage Jars with Lids – Thickened Leakproof Jars for Dry Goods and Liquids



Spacious Storage and Easy Access with Super Wide Mouth Mason Jars

Maximize your pantry or cupboard storage with these 1.1 gallon square super wide mouth glass jars. The extra wide 4.3 inch openings allow you to easily fit a measuring cup or your hand inside to scoop out ingredients or clean.

The straight sides and flat base take up less space than round jars, yet hold a generous 4200 ml capacity. The jars stand 10 inches tall for ample dry goods storage while occupying just a 5.1 inch square footprint.

Whether storingbulk baking supplies, dried beans and grains, pet food, craft items, or more, these wide mouth jars allow for quick and easy access. Their transparency also makes contents visible at a glance for organized storage.

Key Features:

  • Wide 4.3 inch mouth for scooping out contents
  • 1.1 gallon (4200 ml) capacity
  • Space-saving square shape with flat base
  • Measurement marks in ounces and milliliters
  • Airtight leakproof lids for secure sealing

Convenient Built-In Measurement Marks

No need to dirty extra measuring cups! Each super wide mouth glass jar features easy-to-read measurement marks in both ounces and milliliters.

The American unit marks display in convenient 20 ounce increments up to 100 ounces. The international marks show 500 mL increments up 2000 mL.

The marks allow you to quickly measure out precise amounts of dry goods like flour, sugar, coffee, and more. For liquids like juices, oils, and vinegar, you can pour right into the jar and stop at the desired measurement.

This dual marking system works for US customary and metric recipes and formulas. Keep your baking, cooking, and measurements mess-free thanks to the built-in fluid markings.

Airtight Lids for Securing Dry Goods or Liquids

An airtight seal is essential for keeping food fresh and preventing spills. Each thickened glass storage jar includes a leakproof lid with a silicone gasket seal. The curved lid rim covers the wide jar opening while maintaining a tight seal.

Lock in flavor and nutrients when storing coffee, tea, spices, snacks, and more. The airtight seal also keeps out moisture that can cause caking. For wet ingredients like honey, sauces, or beverages, the lid ensures a leakproof seal with no messy drips or spills in storage.

The plastic is BPA-free and durable for continued use. Lids form a snug vacuum seal you can hear and feel when closing properly. Enjoy water, juice and more without worrying about leaks even if jars tip over.

Durable Thickened Glass Built to Last

Don’t worry about breakage – these glass storage jars are made of thickened, reinforced glass walls. Excluding the lid, each empty jar weighs a substantial 3.24 pounds.

The extra thickness makes them up to 0.7 pounds heavier than average glass jars, adding durability and stability. They’re ideal for a busy kitchen, active household, or accident-prone family members.

The square shape also makes them more stable with a flat base that’s less prone to rocking or tipping. Fill the spacious 1.1 gallon capacity with heavier bulk items like sugar, flour, beans and more without the glass cracking.

These jars are built for the long haul. Use them indefinitely for kitchen storage, crafting, homemade gifts and more. Hand wash only to maintain the sleek glass and tight lid seal.

Tips for Preventing Cracks

To prevent thermal shock cracks, avoid sudden temperature changes. Do not add boiling liquids to cold glass jars. Cool hot liquids slightly first or warm jars with hot water before filling.

Also avoid putting hot jars directly on cold, wet surfaces that can crack the weakened glass. Allow jars to cool before capping lids. Always hand wash instead of dishwashing to prolong the life of the glass and lids.

For further insurance, each 2-pack comes with 2 extra silicone gasket seals and jar labels. Replace gaskets annually for the best seal. Follow the care tips and your jars should last for many years of kitchen storage and crafting!

Take Control of Your Pantry with Leakproof Square Jars!

Say goodbye to messy bags and difficult-to-access containers. With 2 leakproof 1.1 gallon square glass jars, you can organize your pantry your way.

The super wide mouths allow you to easily scoop out flour, coffee, sugar and more. Built-in measurements markings make filling and dispensing ingredients mess-free.

And the airtight gasket seals ensure your goods stay fresh and free of moisture, bugs and odors. Check out these versatile, spacious jars for all your storage needs!


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