Bob’s Discount Furniture is a popular furniture retailer known for its wide selection of affordable living room, bedroom, and dining room furniture. The company was founded in 1991 in Newington, Connecticut by Bob Kaufman. He opened the first Bob’s store hoping to bring reasonably priced furniture to local customers.

Over the past 30+ years, Bob’s has grown tremendously. There are now over 140 stores across the East Coast and Midwest. And with growth comes ample job opportunities for people looking to join the Bob’s team.

Benefits of Working at Bob’s

Bob’s Discount Furniture offers a competitive benefits package to both full-time and part-time employees. Some highlights include:

Bob’s also offers performance-based financial bonuses each year. These bonuses reward employees for excellent work and help boost overall compensation.

Bob’s Corporate Culture

The work culture and environment at Bob’s emphasizes open communication, collaboration, and fun. Mr. Kaufman himself strives to create a positive atmosphere that makes Bob’s an enjoyable place for customers and employees alike.

The company’s culture is built around several core values:

Results Matter: Bob’s employees are results-driven individuals passionate about personal and company growth. There is an emphasis on setting and achieving goals.

Fun on the Run: Workdays are fast-paced but enjoyable. Coworkers promote positivity during job tasks and interactions. Having energy and a good attitude are musts.

Be Yourself: Bob’s wants unique personalities shining through. Employees are encouraged to showcase their talents and quirks daily.

Make Family Proud: This family-founded company treats all staff like family. Helping communities and each other is a priority.

Never Stop Innovating: Forward-thinking employees continue advancing Bob’s through new ideas and initiatives. Stagnancy goes against the company’s foundation.

Bob’s corporate culture welcomes motivated people to build friendships and careers.

Bob’s Discount Furniture Jobs

Bob’s Discount Furniture employs over 5,000 people across its 144 stores and growing corporate office. Both retail and non-retail positions exist making it easy to find the right fit based on your skills and interests.

Here are some of the more common Bob’s jobs:

Retail Positions

Sales Associates interact with shoppers daily. They showcase products, answer questions, complete transactions, and provide exceptional service. Sales driven individuals thrive in this role.

The duties of Warehouse Associates include unloading trucks, organizing inventory, assembling furniture, and ensuring showroom quality. These active jobs require lifting, moving, and excellent attention to detail.

Managers & Assistant Managers oversee store operations, sales, payroll, merchandising, and personnel. Natural leadership abilities combined with business savvy lead to success.

Customer Service Staff processes deliveries, returns, exchanges, and other key transactions. Positions include Customer Service Associates, Customer Service Managers, and Delivery Coordinators.

Bob’s also has seasonal and part-time opportunities like Cashiers, Greeting Hosts, Assemblers, and Warehouse Associates.

Corporate Positions

Bob’s Home Office located in Manchester, CT is rapidly expanding. With growth comes openings company executives, directors, managers, and a range of professionals.

Common skills amongst corporate staff include leadership, communication abilities, analytics, creativity, and relationship building. Main departments hiring include:

From Finance Analysts to Brand Managers to Network Engineers, qualified applicants can shape Bob’s future in corporate roles.

Driver Opportunities

Bob’s has extensive trucking and delivery needs being a national furniture chain. To meet demands, they hire local Class A and Class B Drivers plus Long Haul Drivers for cross-country routes.

Driver positions offer competitive pay, benefits, and plenty of on-the-road experience. Responsibilities depend on role but typically involve:

Having a driver’s license in good standing is required. Bob’s provides training to further develop driving and navigation abilities.

Getting Hired at Bob’s Discount Furniture

Now that you know more about careers at Bob’s, here is a step-by-step guide to getting hired:

1. Search job listings on the Bob’s website

Open roles across stores, driving teams, distribution centers, and corporate departments get posted online. Parameters like location or position type can be used to filter opportunities. Signing up for job alerts is also recommended to stay on top of the latest openings.

2. Fill out an online application

Found an open Bob’s role you want to apply for? The next step is completing an application on the careers portal. This involves attaching a resume, answering screening questions, and outlining relevant experiences.

3. Prepare for the hiring process

If your application is viewed favorably, the process continues with an introductory phone screen or video call. This informal chat gauges fit and qualifications.

Candidates who pass initial screening will undergo 1-3 interviews plus any assessments required for the role. For example, corporate candidates may need to submit a writing sample or presentation. Drivers will need to complete road tests showcasing driving skills.

It is wise to brush up on Bob’s history and mission before interviews. Being knowledgeable about the company’s values and operations leaves a good impression.

4. Receive a job offer

The hiring process concludes with a formal job offer if you are selected as the top candidate. This includes proposed pay, start date, responsibilities, and more job details that can be negotiated.

Accepting the offer solidifies employment plus next steps like background checks, paperwork, and onboarding. Rejection letters get sent to applicants no longer in consideration.

The Bottom Line

Bob’s Discount Furniture is an acclaimed home furnishings retailer powered by its dedicated workforce. Joining the Bob’s team means embracing the company’s culture, values, and fast-paced environment.

However, the energy employees bring is what truly makes Bob’s stores feel like home for customers. Working collaboratively, innovatively, and with plenty of personality lies at the heart of this brand’s success.

So if you seek a fun, supportive workplace with advancement potential, careers at Bob’s are undoubtedly worth strong consideration. Browse openings today to find the right furniture retail or corporate position matched to your skillset and passions.